He saw that look in her eyes

Heard that whisper and then a sigh

Scared that she may love him

And scared more that she might leave

Not wanting to hurt her,

Like he had so many before

Afraid that it could tear her apart

If for some reason the feeling that he felt should stop

He couldn't stand the thought

And deep within his mind he wondered

Should he love her or leave her

This could be the one

But if by chance it fell apart

She could be his forever

It would ruin him and break his heart

In a room full of people he felt alone

Every waking moment his mind went to her

The way she spoke, the way she moved

The way her face lit up when they would talk

And the more he thought

The more unsure he became

Having seen hundreds go through agony

Of losing the one they thought was the one

And still stuck with the thought

Should he love her or leave her

Lest he hurt her

This woman could be the one

A like soul that seemed to match

But if by chance he measured wrong

Then they both would end up lost

An eternity it seemed

Had passed as he pondered

And suddenly it seemed

That this woman had vanished

Afraid of being alone

He panicked and he searched

Ran around frantically

Looking for her

Deciding in an instant

That he would risk his heart

If only she'd come back into his arms