In this world of darkened deeds

Of those who are blind to everything

We slip into a twisting turmoil

Swiftly spiralling towards our death

Hoping for a change in our depression

Reaching for the light and ending

Reaching and grasping tainted tranquility

Alone and so cold, so cold and alone

Feeling the shiver of deaths breath

Stealing our souls from our still-warm bodies

Converting to the greed and destruction

That eventually dooms our kind

Noticing something wrong and not knowing what

Wanting a change and not realizing why

Reaching for a world of beautious happiness

And grasping a tainted tranquility

A mixture of good and bad

A spiral for those that can accept their tragedy

And move past to open their eyes

To everything around them

You can wish for a world with no evil

And end up wishing in vain

But to accept it and move on

Instead of becoming hollow and empty

Leaves you grasping a tainted tranquility