In this age of shining light

We, ourselves, our are own guides

Following the skies of oncoming summer

For all the years of our lives

In this world of corruption and greed

It is up to us, the young, to change it

Who better to repent the ways of old

Than those that have suffered in living hell

God is with us in this new millenia

Shining his light of hope upon the downtrodden

Sending his essence yet again

And a Christ will be born unto this world of man

We are the children who will right the wrongs

We are the brothers and sisters of the Jesus Christ

Through all our suffering and misery

God has walked beside us holding our hands

Carrying us when we were too weak to walk on our own

For everything on this Earth there is a reason

We owe so much to God, for giving us this chance to live

And only he knows his own intent

So let's give back to our lord; creator

And help change the world of men, Amen