In 1776, a piece of paper signed

Was the declaration of our independance

A cause for which many had died

Rockets were lit and canons were fired

To celebrate the awesome news

A nation was born, and raised to be higher

Than those with other views

In 1776, and a few years before

Many men died, all in the name of freedom

Every single one of them gave it their all

Gunshots and canonades rang through the air

Signalling the fact that people were fighting

And that many of them would soon be dying

Mercifully, our flag stood through it all

13 stars amid the stripes

Waving majestically for all to see

That in the middle of the night

The firing had ceased

In 1776, and a few years thereafter

Many people would fatefully remember

All the lives that had been lost

Every single one of them counted for something

Something that can not be replaced

A nation to call our own

Where freedom would reign supreme

So tonight, when the sky turns dark

And the fireworks start to fly

Remember those who died

To give you that right