A lot of people live out their lives

Living from day to day

Never thinking, just spreading lies

Always wondering why they're just not happy

In the end, we see the truth

For all the life we've lived

And all the lies we told ourselves

From the moments shared to the love we give

Death comes for us, no matter where we go

How far we run and try to escape

Try to put off what's seen as untimely demise

We never live life to the fullest

We always think we have more time

Even as we see our family and friends

Die off, one by one by one

We always think that it can't happen to us

We never stop to think

That it could all be over in an instant

This rollercoaster spiral of winding emotions

This twisting road of tribulations

Never living life to the fullest

Never living each day like it was our last to live

Even though it very well could

Just think of what you could achieve

If you just gave your life your everything

Put into it what you want to get

You could fulfill all of your wildest dreams

If you just gave it the chance

If you chose to lead the dance

It's up to you

What do you want to do