Forever we're bound

To wander these streets we love

In wonder and lust

To discover and love

Eternally bound

Are we to another

In death and in life

But there are those who are blind

And can't see the way

Those who are destined

To live forever in today

Never seeing tomorrow

Never seeing the truth

The light of the lord

And the love of a woman

Or the love of a man

Sometimes I think

How sad it is

How some will pass the test

And some are doomed to fail

When all it takes to live this life

Is to follow your heart

Your dreams

And rise above your darkest schemes

Live to the fullest

Remember the best

Forget what you can

And let go of the rest

We all have our demons

Some more than others

Depending on the outcome

Of the choices we made

We all live and we all die, yes

But it's not about the death

Or why it happens

The most important part of it all

And to those that pass the test

To those that survive their dark part of life

Is to live

To love

To the fullest

Enjoy the little things

While they're here to stay