Red rain on the winds of tomorrows storm

Glimpses of ages past; future

When man was beast and the beasts ruled the world

6 Sixty-Six

The number of the beast

Born unto the whisper of the wind

Tragically wrought by the Devil's treat

Innocently brought to fulfill a task

One that would bring ruin upon a planet

The beasts that once were part of nature

Will rue the day they falled from grace

Sailing on the seas of yesterday

Lifting the veil of tomorrows secrets

Red rain and destruction

As prophesied by those omnipotent

Judgement Day will be no surprise

To those that could read the signs

An entire race devoured by greed

Inhumanity towards our fellow man

We stopped being part of nature

When we stopped being beasts and

Started the counting

To the day of reckoning

Winter winds and what is left

After the world was stained red

From the innocents killed and the blood shed

And in that moment when Judgement called

It was said that the rain was red

For every one of those people killed

God cried tears of blood for the mistake he made

When man was a beast and beasts ruled the world

Glimpses of the future; past

Red rain on the winds of tomorrows storm