After 9 years of sorrow

I can finally look forward to tomorrow

After a decade of tribulations

I can finally meet my relations

My dad, little brother and sister

And I'm the happiest I've ever been

My fathers mother, can't believe how I missed her

And now I have a bunch of new friends

I can breathe in a lot deeper now

I can start living my life a lot cleaner

A shadow is cleansed from my soul

And it shows up in my demeanor

After a million tears or so

Ten years of hurtful words

And a few thousand negative thoughts

I'm finally rid of these darkened blots

My life has new meaning, my love unfiltered

A million of happy tears to make up those sundered

A smile I can't get rid of

And now I'm thinking of getting a job

Breathing a lot deeper now

My heart pumping stronger

A weight is taken from my back

And my chin is held a bit higher

After years of tension building up

After waiting for so long to continue my life

That tension is gone and I can go on

Living my life for those worth dying for

A little brother and sister who will look up to me

Are reason enough to get my life in order

And hopefully I can continue being this happy

Because I'm breathing a lot deeper now

My heart pumping out love a lot stronger

The weight on my mind is now gone

And my back is held straighter

After so many years of unwanted fears

I can finally end this darkness with happy tears