People come and people go

But in the end the hymns will sound

Praises upon praises of what's profound

Heaped upon the benevolence of the holy ground

If you build it, they will come

If you sow your seeds, thy will be done

To experience love you must first love

Too many people today are stuck in darkness

Trained to think only in what the devil harkens

To have and to want, the greed of man darkens

Because hard work is lost on them

You can have all that you dream of having

Only if you work hard and are willing

To soil your hands and hope for better things in coming

Find that which tears you apart

and hold on as your world grows dark

To have a chance of going far

You must fix what went wrong in your heart

The strong survive while the weak do suicide

It is seen as courage for them to end their lives

When the real courage lies in how you survive.