Night gripped Kronos. The world was asleep, and a young man walked across a parking lot towards his sleek, red Ferrari. Five men slid from the shadows towards the teen. The man ran out of the parking lot, his cropped black leather jacket flapping against his chest, the white fur on his collar waving in the breeze. The five men gave chase down the street, into an alley, farther, farther into the backstreets of the city, never losing sight of the young man.

Finally the younger man was cornered, brick walls on three sides, five men on one. The teen jumped onto a nearby dumpster, and leaped forward, nearly twenty feet, onto the bottom rung of a raised fire escape ladder. As the ladder began to drop the man swung himself onto the railing of the fire escape platform, and crouched down onto the railing, his knees as high as his chin, his hands gripping the railing between his feet, much like a perched bird. One of the men ran and jumped up, landing halfway up the fifteen-foot ladder. The boy jumped up above the climbing man, one of his jean legs coming out from inside his boot. The climbing man's eyes widened as he saw the sole of a silver dirt-biker boot grow larger and larger in his vision.

The youth's boot crunched into the man's face, crushing his nose, making a wet snapping noise. The young man jumped back up, off the man's face, and pulled a wicked looking blade, that sparkled darkly, from a strap on one of his four studded belts. It had two blades, and they both curved completely into a half-circle. It, the blade, was nearly eighteen inches across on each side. It looked somewhat like a child draws a sea-gull, it had the two curves on either side and the small flat piece between them, except these gulls wings were serrated and sparkled black through blood and thicker things.

The air-born youth crouched above the bloody faced older man, and started to spin his odd weapon in front of him fast enough that you could only see glimpses of it and oddly, it sent out a purple light trail spiraling away from the rotating blades.

He seemed to float there for a second his shoulder-length, jet-black bangs hanging down, obscuring his face. Then, suddenly, he stopped spinning it, stopping the light trail. The boy began to drop, and as he dropped he rotated his body, gaining momentum, and swung to cut the falling bloody man in half before he hit the ground. Just as he was close enough to slice into the soft flesh of the man, the man threw out his left arm in an attempt to block the odd weapon. His fingertips just barely grazed the jacketed boys left fore-arm before he was sliced in half…And just as suddenly as it had happened, the boy flew against the close wall in a haze of black feathers. Disappearing before the dead man hit the ground.

The other four men moved in, confused as to what had happened. They went a little bit away to look for where the boy had went, but mostly to get away from both the sight and smell of their dead companion, though the sight had been burned into their memories.