Zane fell against his Ferrari, panting, and slid down it to. That had been fun, he thought. As he touched the asphalt he felt a cold dampness around his elbow, where the man had tapped him.

Zane held his arm up in the dim street-light for a better view. He saw that there was a simple, black knife hilt, about an inch-and-a half long, sticking out of his arm.

"Hunh, well would you look at that, this is a bit annoying." He remarked, just as his snow white wolf bounded up out of the darkness from whatever he had been doing. "Where've you been, huh? Did you find big brother." And he winced as he yanked out the little dagger. There was a bit of redness but that would probably go down in a bit.

It looked more like a long needle than anything else.

"Yeah, he found me. And he brought me along too."

Zane whirled around to find his brother leaning against one of the pillars of the parking garage, the one in between his car and the empty space beside it, with his arms crossed. Callix looked about the same as he always did these days. He wore a long, clean white trench coat; open down the front with a stiff collar, a white long-sleeved shirt, a pair of white cargo jeans, and some white combat boots. Even his hair hadn't changed since the last time he had seen him. His snow-white hair hung thick and straight over one eye coming to his jaw, the hair in back dropped to just below his shoulder blades. Finishing off the look was his black raven sitting on his shoulder.

Zane beamed, "Hey birdie, long time no see!" The raven flew over to Zane's outstretched hand, and Drel pulled some bird-seed from one of his pockets and proceeded to feed the raven. "I've been savin' some just for you, birdie"

Callix looked irritated, "Will you leave her alone? Could you at least show some dignity?"

Zane mock-scowled back at Callix, "It's not my fault I like animals more than I like you." And laughed.

Callix sighed and shook his head, "Fine, fine, just show me what you pulled out of your arm."

"Yeah, here you go, keep it if you want. I'm not using it." Zane tossed the small needle dagger to Callix. Callix snatched it out of the air, like if he didn't the air would take it.

Callix brought the needle up close to his lips and sniffed at it. He grimaced.

"There's poison on this."

"Hunh, well whadaya know?" Zane said to preoccupied feeding Callix's raven to really notice a thing he was saying.

"Zane, you are probably going to die."

Zane grinned under the cover of his hair as he fed the bird, "Really, well tell me when you figure out how to stop that from happening."

"Screw it. I risk my ass to come out here to visit you, and what do you do. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. "

Zane looked up at Callix and said, very seriously, "Here's my logic, okay? You said I am poisoned, and that does not bother me because I don't what it's going to do. If you can identify that for me then I can get right to work on finding an antidote directly otherwise I will just track down and kill the members of your agency that attacked me. They're idiots if they don't have an antidote."

Callix smiled in spite of himself, "You may be a disgusting twerp, but you're a very simple disgusting twerp. I like that about you. I'll go figure what they used on you. See you in a while." And he turned to leave.

"Hey Callix, you can take my car. It's not like I ever use it. Besides I'm going out with Jennie tonight." And tossed the keys at Callix, who snatched at them, like he had with the needle.

"You've got a girlfriend? And who is Jennie? A girl from school? Oh no, you don't mean…" Callix held his head in his hands, "And just when I think I might be able to go out in public with you, you do something like that. Honestly how can you like animals that much? It's disgusting!"

"No, no, I'm just going hunting with her, I don't like her that much." And started laughing.

Callix got a disgusted sneer on his face and spat, "Fine, but just so we're clear, you're going to school tomorrow, and you better get a girl that's human!"

"Oh goody, the first day of school," Zane laughed his masculine laugh, and stood, "The car is part of my payment for your services. Put the rest on my tab." And for the second time that night vanished away in a storm of black feathers.

Callix pulled out a pad of paper covered in numbers from his inner coat pocket, hopped in the driver seat next to the wolf, and put down a few more thousands on the already immense number. He pocketed the tab, and peeled out into the night with a smile and laugh.