i love youreyes lips head mouth hair liver spine shoulders freckles eyes calves elbows nose mole hair eyelashes toes fingers feet ankles stomach chest neck arms hands
your big smile that always makes me completely melt
the way your tan neck has 3 freckles in a row on the back
the way you roll up your sleeve over your blond arm hairs
the way you play with your hats or bite your fingernails when im with you
because you're nervous
and don't know what to say
but i wish you'd say "i love you"
because if i said it back
i'd mean it more than ive ever meant anything in my life.
i love how skinny you are
and the way you suck on my nose in between kisses.
and how tall you are;
just towering above me like some god i need to worship
the way your pants are wrinkly-
because i know you're too lazy to ever fold anything.
we'd be so perfectly inperfect;
you smell too good to ever be bad for me.
your hair looks better short,
long was not you.
i love how all those girls wanted you
but i got you
even if it was just a one time thing
which im hoping it was not
if i made a list of every little thing i love about you it would never end.
so i guess i have to end here.
and part of me hates you more than anything
but the part of me that loves you just cant give up on the idea
of us being together eventually.
because every other man's touch just reminds me of you
and nothing can ever be as perfect as your hand in mine and my hair in your face.
you said it smelled good and you didnt care at all.
you just wanted to stay close to me.
skin on skin.
breath on breath.
mouth on mouth.
just perfectly perfect.