People walk by me.

Some of them stare at me, their eyes mocking me.

What do they want from me? I lay a curse on those who laugh.

They will die. Slowly.

They never stop and chat, they never get close.

These Stepford people ignore me like so many others have.

I am nothing to them. I am nothing to


It is raining.

It rains both in the world around me and inside my heart.

The clouds weigh heavy on me, but they never let up,

Not for a moment.

A simple spell would end the rain pouring down on me.

One simple spell.

But nothing heals my heart.

And so it rains.

The rain is in a funnel, pouring quickly into my soul,

Chilling my body from the inside.

I shiver and hug myself, but no good.

My heart is cold.

The rain falls hard and fast, soaking me.

I am cold and I am alone and I am wet.

My only help is this old coat I wear, its hood helping keep the rain


I sit under this tree and stare into the world,

Looking into its corners and finding treasures I will never have.

Seeing joys I will never feel. Hearing laughter I will never make.

The world is cruel.

Why am I so very alone?

What god have I offended to be punished like this?

What crime have I done to be hated and ignored by everyone I

Ever loved?

All I want is to be held, to feel the touch of a loved one's fingers,

Their skin on my skin, their breath on my neck.

But no one comes to help me. No one ever comes.

I wait and I am alone.

Someone, anyone-

Hold me

Be with me

Love me