"It stings,"
Said the toddle
Who got stung by a bee…

"It burns,"
Said the boy,
Who touched the hot stove…

"It tingles,"
Said the girl
Who scrapped her knee…

"It throbs,"
Said the kid,
Who got a black eye…

"It bleeds,"
Said the tempter,
Who got a bloody nose…

"It hurts,"
Said the teenager,
Who fell off her bike…
Who fell off his skateboard…

"It's sad,"
I said,
"That it stings,
That I sink this low
Just to feel the pain,
To feel the release,
To feel the pain,
To feel-
In general."

We learn throughout life:
What's right and what's wrong,
What helps and what hurts,
What's good and what's bad,
Who to like, who to love,
Who to trust, who to hate.

What can't I learn that this is wrong,
Though if feels so right,
That this hurts more than helps,
That this is bad, far from good,
That who you like is who you love,
Who you love is who you trust,
Who you trust is who you hate-
All because they tell you:
"It's wrong.
It hurts you.
We love you."

If they'd love us,
We'd never cut.
If they'd love me,
I wouldn't have to cut…
If he'd love me