A Symphony of Silent Sounds

You think you hear a silence as the students start to work

But expand your ears and listen! You might hear a little quirk

A shoe flat on the tile, a small fidget in a seat

Fingers drum a desktop, and a pencil meets the beat

A sniffle in the corner, and a sigh comes from the right

Sun filters through the window, and some flies buzz in the light

Pencils scratch the paper; a conductor's wand is tapping

A symphony of sound is met with noises overlapping

Jaws are chewing, gum is spewing

Pigeons out the window cooing

Faces lined with grumpy traces

Someone over there erases

Pencils tapping, papers flapping,

Perhaps the class's pet is yapping

Fingers drumming, low-note humming

Listen now! The teacher's coming!

"Class dismissed!" she says; the students leap out of their seats

A new song fills the room; along with it's new special beat

Backpacks rustle, zippers hustle

Chairs are scraping, students bustle

Binders snapping, students yapping

Boards erased and markers capping

Students stuttering, students muttering

The door outside is finally shutting

At last the bell has rung, and class is out at five to ten

Everyone is gone now…..and it's silent once again.