What would you do if you were bitten by a vampire? Would you join them? Or would you rather die?

I slowly brought my hand to my neck and touched the bite marks. It has been awhile since the creature left but I still bleed on. I was in a state of shock, I could barely breathe. I was alive, so I knew what would become of me. I would become a creature of the night. To feed off the blood of others, never to walk in the warmth of the sun again was my future. I wouldn't, couldn't embrace it. I can't become a creature who must kill to live.

No! NO! It's back! Get it away! It's not alone! They said they're taking me to the Head of their House. Whose that? When we get there the head tells me what I shall become, as if I didn't already know. He says only if I join them will I survive. They will provide me with the red liquid I need to survive if I joined them. He wanted only one thing in return. He said those born as creatures of the night are called 'pure-blood' and the world was lacking them. He asked for me to bare a pure-blood child. I asked why he wanted such a thing. He said so my new race would grow stronger, so we could wage war on humans and make them our slaves. He said we are superior creatures who should get the respect we so rightly deserve.

I thought of my family, my friends. The head must've known what I was thinking about. He nodded to one of his men. The man left and came back with a teenage girl. The girl was screaming, but I didn't notice. Her scent was the only thing that had my attention. The only thing I could smell, could think of, was the scent of her blood. A overwhelming urge to feed filled my mind. I felt my jaw open, without my consent. I felt my teeth grow longer. I felt myself walk over to the girl. She saw me walk over and her screaming filled my ears, but I took no notice. With each step I took, she screamed louder. As I stood next to her and looked at her, she started to cry as she saw the hunger in my eyes.

The scent of the salt in her tears filled my nose. I took a step back and looked at the girl and listened to her screaming for the first time. "Jessica! What happened to you? Don't do this!" she pleaded. "Jessica must do what's right by her," the head said. Who was Jessica? Wait! That's me! That's was what I was called when I was human. This girl, she was my little sister! "Nicole," I said, starting to cry. I couldn't do this. I couldn't kill other people just so I could live! I can't do this. "It's time to feed, Jessica," the head said. I looked up at his cold, red eyes. I walked over to his desk, grabbed the gun on it, and aimed it at the head. "No," I said, "It's time to die. For real this time."