Wasting Sunday evenings with my best friends, in a beat up old Honda, was the best idea since My Chemical Romance hooked up. We were laying back, being lazy, while eating ice cream as we playing "Which One".

"Hey, Leah, which one would you choose in a guy, hot and dangerous, or cute and polite?" said Nadine, the girl I've known since we were in 3rd grade.

"Cute and polite," I replied instantly, licking a rebellious drop of ice cream going down my cone.

Yes, I like nice, polite guys. Who says they finish last? They don't in my book. Dangerous? Who needs the trouble. Hot? Who cares, as long as they don't look like Quasimodo? Not me.

"How bland," Nadine said, rolling her eyes.

"Hey!" I cried in mock indignant, not really insulted. They already knew I preferred 'cute and polite', but for some reason, every time we play this game, Nadine always asks me. I think she wants to see if I ever change my mind. I wont, but I guess you could call it our traditional way to start the game.

"Okay, its your turn Lae," Michael stated, taking a (big) bite of his cone. He was already more then halfway done with his ice cream. Michael has always been my best bud, the guy I can depend on. Our parents were long time friends so we were diaper buddies.

"Alright, which one would you choose, Drew Barrymore in Ever After, or Kristen Kruek from Smallville?"

"Please Drew is so much better then that Lana Lang wanna-be! She isn't even blonde, so its no competition." Michael answered. Like I have a thing for nice guys, Michael, obviously, has taken a keen to blonde girls.

"But that's gross! She's, like, 100 years old!" Nadine said, making a disgusted face. "Besides, just because Kristen Kruek isn't blonde, does not mean she doesn't look better then Drew… which she does by the way. And she's not a wanna-be. She OWNS that role!"

"Okay, but I prefer Drew, so that's my choice," Michael said. "Moving on; now its my turn. Nadine, which one would you choose… Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp?"

Girly boy Orlando OR sexy, talented Johnny… hmmm, I just WONDER who she'll choose. "Johnny Depp." Ooh big surprise.

"Oh, you want to talk about old now?"

"Now, I know you did NOT just call Johnny Depp old!"

And so, we spent our last day of freedom before the week started fighting about why Johnny was not considered old like Drew was. Come on now, you know who won… coughUscough.

Yeah... so I'm starting another story.. well not really. This is just an idea.I dont even know how to continue this! lol butI thinkthis 'chapter'makes a great Prologue. If you have any ideas, please review them! I need them.I don't think I'll come up with one anytime soon... I've been stuck with this story for, what, over a month, and no idea. I have a PLOT, but dont know how to go with it. lol