Epilogue – Chapter 15

On the beautiful day of May 22, Garrick McAllister married his longtime love, Lillian Connor in a private wedding ceremony. It was a small gathering at his home in Kent, England. The bride was dressed in a simply elegant white dress that she had the owner of a local LA boutique make. Her bridesmaids were actress Maria Gonzalez and McAllister's baby sister, Gabriella. The groom wore an Armani tuxedo with his brother Graham and fellow actor Chad Ritchers. Both the bride and groom said vows that made everyone cry. The bride shed her own tears during the vows the groom spoke with confidence and love for only his wife. The wedding was sealed with a passionate kiss that had friends and family on their feet cheering.

A reception was held afterwards at the McAllister's home…

Lillian smiled as she set the old article back into a box labeled Garrick and Lillian's wedding – May 22, 2010. She wiped at her honey colored eyes, smiling as she teared up.

"Mommy! Mommy!"

Lillian turned and saw her 8 year old daughter run into the living room. She was almost the spitting image of her mother but with Garrick's dark hair. Lillian smiled at Jasmine. "What, baby?"

"Teagan took my doll and threatened to tear it apart!" She pouted, clearly looking stricken.

Lillian frowned a bit and leaned back on the couch. "Teagan Michael McAllister! Come down here right now!" She waited a minute, then heard footsteps on the stairs.

Teagan, who was 12, appeared in the living room. He looked more like Garrick with light brown hair, a mixture from his parents. "What?"

"Did you take Jasmine's doll and tell her you were going to tear it apart?" Jasmine sat on her lap, curled up with her head tucked against Lillian's neck.

Teagan flushed and opened his mouth to lie. Lillian held up a finger. "I would think twice about lying to your mother."

Teagan sighed heavily. "All right, fine. I did. I'm sorry."

Lillian fought a smile, then lifted Jasmine to her feet and gently patted her bottom. "Go to your brother so he can apologize."

"But Mom! She wouldn't leave me alone! She just comes into my room! She doesn't even knock. She made me lose my video game because she wouldn't move out of my way." Teagan complained.

Lillian sighed softly. "Teagan, apologize to your sister."


"Teagan…do it. And mean it." She crossed her arms over her chest, waiting.

Teagan took a deep breath and looked at his little sister. "I'm sorry I took your doll and threatened to take it apart."

Jasmine nodded, smiling that she got her brother in trouble. She started to walk off to go get her doll. Lillian cleared her throat. "Jasmine, not so fast. Apologize to your brother."

Jasmine looked at her mother with wide eyes. "What did I do, Mommy?"

"Jasmine…your brother is older than you and doesn't want his sister around all the time. If his door is shut, you have to knock. And if he's doing something and you make him lose because you are stubbornly standing in his way, you will be punished. And Teagan, you take one of her dolls or toys again, you will have no TV and no video games for a week."

Both of her children groaned, but nodded, mumbling. "Yes, Mom." Jasmine apologized to Teagan before she scurried off. Teagan watched as his mom started to clean up the living room. "Mom?"

Lillian turned to look at him, brushing a strand of blonde hair out of her face. "Yeah, Teagan?"

"Thanks…for being on my side." He smiled, shrugging a bit.

Lillian smiled softly and moved to hug her son, kissing him on the forehead. "You're welcome. Now go clean your room." She turned him towards the stairs and swatted his bottom. "You've got an hour and I'll be in to see what you've finished."

Teagan groaned dramatically. "Oh mmaann…I hate cleaning." He trudged up the stairs to his room.

Lillian chuckled and shook her head. She went back to flipping through the wedding box. Their 16th anniversary was right around the corner. She sighed softly, running her small fingers over a candid of her and Garrick. He was twirling her around, laughing. The photographer snapped the picture with both of them smiling, lips almost touching.

"What are you doing?"

Lillian gasped and dropped the photo, jumping to her feet. She launched herself into Garrick's awaiting strong arms. He laughed softly and lifted her up, burying his face in her hair. "Bloody hell, I missed you, Lily."

Lillian smiled and looked up at her husband. She chuckled. "I missed you, too, Garrick. How was the shoot?"

Garrick set her down and cupped her soft face between his big, rough hands. "Forget the shoot." He leaned down, brushing his lips against hers. "I have something more important to do." He finally captured her lips with his, giving his wife a hot, passionate kiss.

Lillian threw her arms around his neck, kissing him back. She laughed against his lips when he dipped her back. "Garrick! What are you doing?"

"Mmm…kissing my wife before our children realize I'm home." He said, running his hands through her hair, holding her close to his still rock hard and muscled body.

Footsteps pounded at the stairs, moving fast. Garrick groaned, laying his cheek on her head. "Too late."

Lillian laughed and kissed him lovingly. "Don't worry…they are spending the night with Gabby and Marcus tonight."

"Daddy!" Jasmine cried, rushing into the living room.

Garrick reluctantly let go of Lillian and turned, smiling as his daughter ran into his arms. He lifted her up and held her against his chest. He kissed her on the mouth, smiling. "How's my little angel? You were a good girl for mommy?"

Jasmine gave him a wet smack back on the lips. She nodded. "I was good. Mommy and I baked…a lot."

Garrick chuckled and leaned down, hooking his arm around Teagan's waist and lifted him up. Teagan hugged his father. "Hey, Dad."

"Teagan…you were good, too?" He smiled at him.

"Yeah…I tasted all the food. Mom makes the best chocolate chip and…and…" He turned to look at Lillian. "What was the cookie we ate yesterday?"


"That's it! Mom made extra cookies for you, Dad, so don't worry." Teagan said, squirming out of his father's arms.

Garrick set Jasmine down and smiled. "Mmm…you know how I love your mum's cookies. I missed you two so much. I love you."

"I love you, Daddy," and "Love you, too, Dad," chorused together as his children stood in front of him.

Garrick chuckled a bit, ruffling their hair. "Why don't you two go finish cleaning your rooms. I'm going to help Mum with dinner ok?"

Their kids nodded before they ran back upstairs. When they were finally alone, Garrick lifted Lillian into his arms and carried her into the kitchen, gently setting her on the counter. Lillian smiled at him and handed him a couple cookies. "There. Eat up, love."

Garrick took a bite of the cookie and groaned before he gently fed her the other half. "Have I mentioned lately that I love you?" He asked softly.

"Mmm…not since this morning…" She teased.

Garrick groaned dramatically. "How horrible of me…I love you, Lily. You are my other half. You make me whole."

Lillian blushed and smiled, cupping his face. "You make me whole, too. Everything is perfect, Garrick."

Garrick nodded and held Lillian securely against his hard body. "I agree. We are blessed with a wonderful pair of kids. I am lucky to have you as my wife. Things can't get any better than this."

Lillian smiled at him and nodded a bit. "You're right. Life is perfect. I love you, Garrick."

"I love you, Lillian. Forever and always." He sealed the vow with a soft but passionate kiss. Lillian wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back, content to stay in his arms for forever.

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