This is a story about very bad things. Many bad things, that we forget about it in our sleep, or in our laughter, or in happy moments that we have everyday. To some creatures though, these are things that are never forgotten, because to the Nifliks very bad things are a way of life.

The Nifliks are funny little creatures who live in trees. They are extremely fast and hard to see, which makes them nearly impossible to detect, except for their high-pitched giggle, and low whispers, which is their preferred way of communication. Nifliks live in every country usually in trees as I mentioned, but others live in tunnels under sand, or in caves near rivers. They can live nearly anywhere humans live, except for Antartica, they don't care to live there. They tried, mind you, but they needed more humans around than just science researchers.

Nifliks look like humans mostly, except they are only one to two feet tall, they all have lean little bodies, and sharp bright eyes. A Niflik's main purpose in life is to create bad things in humans lives. Like hiding keys, and placing them in the freezer (or a cupboard that no one really uses). And while this seems like harmless fun, humans don't really care for frozen keys. Nifliks do many other things, that they find incredibly funny, that causes humans endless trouble, such as : blowing leaves all over that were just racked up, hiding various toys, waking people up at very early hours, and (their personal favourite) eating that last bite of mint chocolate chip ice cream that you were saving!

Some Nifliks, are very good though, and find it very hard to be so naughty and mischievous all the time, (though secretly all Nifliks like to be a little naughty ever now and again). One such Niflik, who was mostly good, was Nysse.

Nysse was a young Niflik with a very bad problem, which she should have been enjoying, because Nifliks love bad problems, but she wasn't enjoying it at all. You see Nysse really didn't like to hide keys, or blow leaves about, and she didn't really care for mint chocolate chip ice cream, (she preferred rocky road). Nysse didn't seem to like anything that other Nifliks seemed to like. She wanted to be helpful to humans, she thought we seemed really nice.

You see, all Nifliks think that humans are really scary kinds of creatures, giants who march about all the time. They don't really understand us you see, so they started to tell stories about us to each other. For a long time Niflik mother's have been telling stories about Henry and Helen the Humans (which is mostly a bunch of lies), to their children at bedtime, and everyone is little bit afraid of the humans. Not that they'd admit it. That's why Nifliks really, really, enjoy tormenting us. But Nysse's mother never really told her the tales of Henry and Helen, so she didn't really see all the fuss. She would watch the humans come through the park were she lived (she lived in a particularly beautiful Oak tree), and came to the conclusion that we weren't all bad (I hope you agree with Nysse, because I do).

Well it was all very good that Nysse decided to like humans, but she couldn't seem to help people very well. First she, instead of hiding keys, she would put the keys on a human while he or she was sleeping. Once he or she woke up, they would wonder all day, why they had slept with their keys on top of them, not a very bad thing of course, but a strange thought to have for a whole day. Seeing that this was bizarre for the humans, Nysse decided to try to help in a different way. She turned off all the alarm clocks she could find, because surely any human would enjoy a few extra hours of sleep? Who wouldn't? But the humans seemed to become very mad about this, and rush about even faster than usual, making a lot of noise. Nysse was so upset that she couldn't help the humans that she did the only thing that made her happy. Make ice cream.

All Nifliks are wonderful ice cream makers, but none as good as Nysse. She had won many awards for ice cream making in the Niflik community. She loved to make all sorts of flavours, in fact she could make 100 flavours; vanilla, chocolate, rocky road, tiger, rainbow, cookies and cream, bubblegum, fudge, caramel apple, very berry, and of course mint chocolate chip, plus many, many more. Suddenly it dawned on Nysse, ice cream!!! That was the answer.

Everynight, while humans are fast asleep, Nysse comes around and adds a little more ice cream into the tubs of ice cream in our freezer's, so everyone can enjoy their last bite of ice cream, and a little more so.