in a spectacular show-down for the last days of youth
we shovelled our five pound notes and coins into a pile
on the grass by the gutter, high on gasoline and the
turbulent throb of sunlight pounding in our pupils.
dressed in yesterdays clothes we made our way to the train
station and sat there, waiting for the 1 o clock.

as if from a fairy tale the breeze swirled around us
and we were transfixed by the images passing by our
blood shot, dilated eyes. we cracked open into each others
hearts, and feasted for the two hours it took to get us
to never never land. when we arrived, it was just like the
calm before the storm, I thought it a metaphor for
our real lives were just beginning that day, and we all knew it.

that day remained the same in each one of our eyes
playing cards by the eerily flat grey sea, we died.
shed our skin and the kids we were, climbing rocks
and exploring caves. and then we laid back, side by side
on the itchy sunburnt grass, and even though it was
one of the last times we would see each other we let
the silence settle upon us like childhood blankets
encasing us in that one afternoon of perfect bliss.

Its strange, because this memory only came the other day
(buried deep down in the careless mists of my mind like a box in the attic )
when I walked past some of them in the street.
Itwas a nod, a lift of the half-opened hands, 'hello', and we
were swept on our ways.