Voice Message

Baby, what I'm about to say may be a little flirty
Actually it's past that, it's to the point of sounding dirty
Just thinking about your bare body before my eyes
Causes me to sweat and my temperature to rise
A twitch starts to occur in my hips
Everytime I think about your luscious lips
I want those lips to give me tingles of pleasure
The root of all our intimate endeavors
I'm not too prude or too shy
To let you unbutton my shirt or unzip my fly
As I speak, my panties are the opposite of dry
That's why I'm calling to ask you to stop by
It'll be just like having a grinding dance
Except it'll be skin to skin, not guarded by pants
I'll do as much as I can to take you on a body and mind trip
Entice you using my tongue's tip

My hands exploring your unique texture
Your hands traveling along all of my curvatures
Our lower bodies fitting together like a perfect puzzle
Rocking so hard the sheets start to ruffle
And as we do this, not caring about the time
I'll be screaming your name, since you made me forget mine
Your body is the only candy I wanna lick
I'm lost in your strength, you feel so…thick
Playing me soft, then hard like a conga drum
Making me hit a high note right before I come
I begin to quiver, my mind gets all hazy
As I feel you starting to rush through me
If you're here tonight, it will be made known
That every part of me can really be blown
So now that you know I'm in the mood to bone
Come to my house as soon as I hang up this phone.

-Lady Scribe
July 17, 2006