The first time I saw you
I just stared, not really understanding why
You caught my eye
That day we spoke to each other
That first time
Your laugh made me smile
My first real smile in years

Time progressed, we progressed
Our bond grew into something neither of us could imagine
The games we made up
The silly things we've done
Made us truly believe, we had become one

Two young girls born in the same timeline
Two young girls born under the same symbol
Two Leos that have the same nature
Snapping at whatever rubs them the wrong way
Both so honest, not caring about other's feelings
Except each other's and their own

Hiding behind smiles and laughs
Not to alarm others and each other
Both knowing the truth that lies behind them
So much pain, yet all they want is true happiness
They found it within each other
But yet to find it within themselves

Bob and Phil forever they will be
Ghost buddies means eternity
Phil is too hot for you
Bob will always be to the rescue
No one really understood the meaning of these things
Maybe they never will
All that matters is that Didana and Rara-jin
Keep their unique memories

Cafe ole, what the rock song
The toilet of shit is the most magical place
French class was never boring
Just watching you almost snoring
Made things a lot easier

Now our journey together has practically ended
But yet, our friendship has grown stronger
The minor bump in the road
We will be apart, for a short time
Always remember, the two lines that shall always keep us going
"Friends forever. Bond together."