waste-of-space kind of heart.

i'm erasing my words one last time
bc everything i've ever done has never been done right.
&& o she's so terribly pretty
((pretty like broken hearts
and thunderstorms--))
she can't take the pressure of
someone screaming "this is the real
fucking world, little girl!"
she knows
she knows

she knows
that taped together masterpieces aren't
worth as much as the real thing
((and she's begging you not to break her again.))
& DEAR GOD she knows ...
poetry will never make her any better,
but neither will you.
so she's stuck with trying to convince her
pathetic, waste-of-space little heart that she loves you not.
o, what a girl
((the kind that would gouge her eyes out
so she wouldn't have to see the truth.))

she's stopped laughing since she loved you.
everyone knows.
everyone knows she's in over her pretty little head
((but, o God, everyone knows you never had to drown her.))