ODE TO Coricidin.

Oh how I love you
little red pills
2 am at the gas station
but i don't know where i am

The little crab walk
to the trees and
i puke

no one notices

i forget how to get out cars and that i can't pass through objects
(especially trees)
dancing would be fun but
my head's stuck to the roof
and i'm look.ing at the stars

Seeing guys half naked isn't very cool
but watching Eddie hit the tree is
we had to look weird
trying to run from an
it was fucking huge i tell you.

i don't remember how i got onto the hood of his car
i could have solved all the world's problems at that moment
(i forgot what we were talking about five minutes later)

not the point

everyone crashes out around sunrise
but where are the goddamn keys?
Fuck it.