Ch.2—Mischief & Grief

In the back of the bus, as the chattering noise was beginning to rise the Simmons girls were taking their seats. Silence slowly made itself known throughout the vehicle as the bus driver explained carefully the rules of "garbage dropping" on the bus.

"Now, I all want you to know…that I take this very serious. This is a clean bus now, and it was when I stepped inside it this morning and it will stay this way and…" and on and on Mr. Sulkurus, the bus driver spoke.

Lisa rolled her eyes and slipped her headphones on, losing herself in her music. Everyone else began chattering soon enough, but as soon as a movie popped inside the main television, there was near silence as they all focused on the film.

"Silence at last," Mr. Sulkurus whispered contently, and began to drive.

"Psst, psst, Angie," a male voice whispered.

Angela looked up from her book, mysteriously gazing around the bus to see who had called to her. A pair of deep, brown eyes locked with hers. Her lips parted slightly, as if in surprise. She blinked a few times, shook her head and gazed back down at her book. While Lisa, by her side, completely unaware of the whole thing, began to snore. Angela hit her lightly and the snoring ceased. Angela could here a chuckle and she could feel the boy's brown eyes sinking into her in an intense gaze, but she shook it off and tried to focus on her book.

Unfortunately there was an empty seat in between Angela and the boy, and he scooted on back.

"Angie…" he prompted.

She shook her head. "No," Angela whispered.

"Why?" he asked.

She lifted her head up, a brief gaze of pity in her eyes, but as she blinked away a few stranded tears, the determination in her face grew stern. "You broke up with me two weeks ago," she said, looking him straight in the eyes while holding the bookmark in the correct place in her novel.

"I know, but…" he said, slyly placing her wavy, brown bang behind her ear.

She whipped her head back. "And for the hundredth time, no, I will not take you back," she said smartly and ducked her head back into her book.

"I would be taking you back…" he said, smirking.

Angela cringed, but just continued to read.

The boy leaned forward to plant a kiss on her cheek, but she rose from her seat and pushed him to the floor. "If you'll excuse me, Brad, I need to go to the bathroom," she said, heading to the back of the bus.

He rubbed his head. "Dang girl…" he said, shaking his head and getting up to sit in his seat. Then, he turned to her sister who was now waking up from her catnap. "Hey Lisa…" he began, staring at her intensely.

"Don't even think about it," Lisa said. And that was that. Brad turned around…and for a time the Simmons girls were left alone.


"So…any special boys in your life?" Paul nudged Kaylie on their walk to school.

She shook her head. "Be serious, Paul. No guy would be interested in me," she muttered.

"What was that?" he asked teasingly. "Did my baby sister just think guy's wouldn't like her?" he nudged her again.

"Shut up, Paul!" she said, walking a lot faster ahead.

"What's the matter, Kaylie?" he said, grabbing her head. She spun around. Tears were in her eyes. "What is it?" Paul asked, more serious than ever.

She blubbered. "I don't want mom to die," she said.

He brought her head to his chest. "I know," he said, stroking her hair. "I don't want her to either."

"But what can we do?" she asked, looking up tearfully into her brother's eyes. "We don't have money and who's gonna take care of us when she's gone?"

"Don't talk like that," he said, storming off. "We'll figure out something. Now, come on. Hurry. We're gonna be late."

Kaylie seemed hurt, but she followed on ahead. She knew Paul was right, about being late that is.


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