A Poetic Muse

1st July 2006

- - -

I am lost and confused,

A poetic excuse,

Do not understand,

Why what I have planned,

Just disappears,

Provokes silver tears,

And another four lines

Of unworthy times.

- - -

I sit by the window,

And already know,

My journey is hard,

Some paths are barred,

But then again,

The falling of rain,

Opens a door,

I write once more.

- - -

I bask in the love,

Know it is enough,

But still need to find

A poetic mind,

Which will also know

Metaphoric sorrow,

Lost in a maze,

Uplifted by praise.

- - -

Tossed by speech,

Goals out of my reach,

I still struggle on,

Everything I have done

Returns with a rush,

A dodge and a brush,

I am lost and confused

In my own Poetic Muse.