The Defender Mages: War Breaks


A seemingly ordinary girl whose name was Yemeana was drawing water from a small stream. Her long, copper hair hid her face as she bent forward with the jug in he hands. The sun shone on her fair, yet freckled, skin, warming her on the nice day. A slight breeze blew her hair out of her face, revealing her nearly flawless features, including her bright, green eyes.

It was peaceful, which she enjoyed. It was hard to imagine her country, Arcturin, would soon be at war with its unfriendly neighbor, Karshen. Its new king, King Luciun, was a really nasty piece of work. He enjoyed war and suffering, causing wonder about whether or not he had a heart.

Arcturin's king was King Godric who was somewhat kind, yet strict and quick to anger. He was always ready to punish anybody who would break the law harshly. He wasn't one of the more favored kings, but at least he wasn't half as bad as King Luciun.

Yemeana finished and sat there, jug in front of her, staring across the stream at the forest. How she longed to go explore it on such a perfect day. Unfortunately she still had chores to do.

Reluctantly she stood and picked up the jug, careful not to spill any of the water.

Walking back to her village, she saw an old lady leaning on a walking staff.

"Please, little girl, would you be as kind as to give me a drink?" the old lady asked in a raspy voice.

Yemeana felt a little angry at being called a "little girl". She was already nearly seventeen. She'd soon be married off; even though she didn't favor the prospect. She enjoyed being outside opposed to being stuck inside, cooking and cleaning.

The old woman looked at her with pleading eyes. Due to her kind nature, Yemeana gave the stranger her jug.

She drank a long draught. Yemeana was about to protest, thinking she would empty it, when she stopped drinking.

"My many thanks," said the old lady, "and now you have earned a reward. You have proven yourself kind and trustworthy enough to be bestowed with my powers."

Yemeana stared at her, dumb-founded. At first she thought the old lady was crazy until slowly she changed into a young-looking woman with magnificent indigo robes and a pointed hat with a wide brim. Her black hair was extremely long.

"I am Selena Othsgrove, possessing powers beyond your wildest dreams, or whatever," the woman said.

'I shouldn't stay out in the sun so long.' Yemeana thought.

She had heard of Selena back when she was young and her mother still told her bedtime stories. Selena was a popular character, a powerful sorceress. She was a kind person, though old; nearly as old as the oldest trees in the forest. Her age accounted for vast wisdom and knowledge.

'I must be either asleep and dreaming or awake and imagining things.'

"Er, how do you know I am king and trustworthy?" Yemeana asked tentatively.

"I've been watching you over the past few months," Selena said casually, "Well, my time is almost up, so here are the powers, please help people with them, you may end up with an assignment soon. You now work for Peace, Justice, and Kindness. Good-bye."

Selena slowly turned into dust, blending in with the ground.


Yemeana looked around. There was nothing to suggest that she had ever talked with Selena Othsgrove.

Her jug was sitting on the ground filled with what looked like perfectly clean water. She picked it up and took a small sip. It was the best-tasting water she had ever had.

'Did I really just talk with Selena Othsgrove?'