I am the only thing that stands between you, and your famous last words. The words that you allow your real-self to say, anyhow. Not those little words. Not those little words that often creep in the back of your mind, in the back of your subconscious

Words that portray what you really would have liked to have said, or done, in one situation, or another. Word's that say your true feelings towards someone, your true thoughts towards something else, and, mostly, what you really want in life-

The one thing that you would die for, in order to have.

Look up the word, subconscious, in the dictionary- "The part of the mind below the level of conscious perception." Conscious perception meaning what you allow yourself to see…

Yet, a better description of the word, comes from a thesaurus.

Subconscious is just another word for thoughts

Like I've said before to many people, my name is Mickey Starrlight. And I am the only thing that can stop your subconscious.

Stop it, before it kill's you.