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November First, 9:36 AM

Lindsey Barke Private High

I can not believe I enlisted Daniella Spencer's help. I mean, not emotionally, just her physical help to take down the Halloween Dance decorations that were falling from our high school's gymnasium from the organized event last night. But, still - Me, working alone anywhere with Daniella? My sworn rival? The rich-bitch? Maybe 'that time of the month' was coming again, I wasn't sure. I kept getting these on-going headaches and I hadn't really been keeping track of the days since the funeral…

That was two days ago. Forty-eight hours, twenty-seven minutes, and thirty-three seconds ago, they buried the body of Devilin Kann. With his murdering inner-soul still inside of his body.

He's dead.

They're dead.

It was a horrible, shitty, gloomy day that I never want to think about for another second of my life.

So, why can't I get the memory of the prefect, cream-shaded crosses, and the beautiful, store-bought flowers, and the dire, black sea of sobbing people, standing on rough, green grass out of my head?

Because I saw him. I saw him go into Devilin's body, and I watched him die. I know that he can't come back, now that his other half is dead. And, even if by some slim chance I do meet up with Devilin at some point in the so-called 'afterlife', he won't be the Devilin I fell in love with. He'll look like that stupid nerdy, fucking idiot Devilin that just had to drive his stupid fucking car into a tree…

He'll never be the same. And, no matter what I do, he'll never come back either.

He… Devilin was destined to die. And death is lucky to have him. Him… And his dark, peppermint smelling breath. Him and his raspy, low, sexy, crooning voice. Him and his enchanting, rich eyes and heart-throb, sex-driven touch that makes him shiver and shake underneath his pleasure…

A groan escaped my lips, and I fell to my knees in desperation. "I want him back." I whispered, wrapping my arms around myself in a rather pathetic and so-not-me-way. "I want him and his naked-body-that-I-never-got-to-fully-see back, just the way it was." I hissed, loudly and angrily at the ceiling.

He probably would have fully shown me his naked body too, if I had asked.

"But I didn't get the chance to ask!…" On the word 'ask' my voice cracked and went embarrassingly as high as I could have imagined possible, when I suddenly bent over and started sobbing uncontrollably.

Yeah. That's right. In front of my worst enemy - Daniella Spencer.

"I loved him! And we didn't even get to have our first date, or get married, or have kids, or… Or kiss in the rain!…" Shit. My voice did that really high-pitched thing again when I said the word 'rain'.

Oh my god. Did I just imply that I wanted to have sex with him? Aloud? For everyone within earshot to clearly hear? Well, I have really sunk down to a low level haven't I? Just keep diggin' that humiliating grave for yourself, Mickey, just keep diggin' and diggin'….

"Grave?" The wimpy sound that came from my dry lips squeaked up another octave, as the single thought of the funeral made me cry only that much harder. I was just going to sit on the floor, and drown in my own puddle of tears. Yes, that was the only, considerable option left-

"Get up, Starrlight." Daniella Spencer only ever said three, remotely-nice words to me. The three words that she had just said, brought up a new total of six. Wow. I must be completely pitiful today. Even more so than I had originally thought. Crap. I looked up at her, slightly, squinting through my tears.

She really wasn't all that pretty. Her natural hair color was red, and the roots of her hair were beginning to turn that shade. I think that red looked a lot better on her than the blonde thing she had going on. Red was more her personality too, fiery and untouchable. Her green eyes glared down at me, with a look of regret and semi-disgust.

"I don't need your advice, you can't bring him back." Of course, she would have though that the 'him' I was referring to was the real, nerdy-male Devilin Kann and not his super, hot-off-the-charts, sex-bomb inner self.

"He broke your heart. I'm not stupid, Starrlight."

"Yeah," I half-agreed with a moan of despair, "but you certainly are flaky." I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth just then. I hadn't really eaten in a week though, so there was nothing to throw up. Just that awful, white stomach fluid. My body was shaking. I hadn't really sleep in seven days either. There was no energy left in me.

"Starrlight, you need to lighten up. I don't know what you saw in a glasses to pocket pens freak like that, but if you loved him than-"

"Than what? As if you know anything about what real love is." I scoffed, then laughed loudly, the clear-vomit dribbling out of the corners of my lips and onto the clean gym floor. My body shivered again. "Everyone who had ever loved you only does it because your mother pays them more than they deserve, and they're afraid that your daddy might send them to jail for a living. Everyone around you only cares because you parents made them. Nobody really cares about you, or at least not enough to admit it." I felt really cold. And not just because my words were coming out like ice, my body temperature was absolutely freezing.

Daniella snorted, and there probably would have been a slight smirk to her smile if I could have seen straight. Instead, I just saw blurred images before me.

Angels. Shit.

"You know what, Starrlight?" My foe voice sounded rather pissed, not to mention far away. "At least my parents actually care- Starrlight?"

I couldn't see anymore. A slight gasp came out of my mouth, and I collapsed on the polished wood floor of the gym. I couldn't hear, I couldn't think…

Devilin, I am so, so sorry…


"Okay, I knew you were heartbroken, but anorexic much? Honestly, not taking care of yourself for nearly one-hundred and twenty-eight hours? You're damn lucky you merely fainted, Michelle."

"Oh, shut up Devilin." The words came out of my dry lips like an old habit before I could stop them. I opened my eyes, carefully.

Crap. Here, again? God, the Kingsley General Hospital was flat-out my Hell on planet Earth. Except, this time I was the one in a plain, ordinary bed in a private room, not the real nerdy Devilin Kann. And, not in the ICU, thank the lord. Just in a room, with a IV needle sticking out of my left wrist.


I swear that it was his voice teasing that just said I might just have developed an eating-disorder after his so-called death, but that was impossible.

I squinted at the tall male sitting in one of those completely uncomfortable plastic chairs near the end of my bed.

He gave me a lop-sided smile.

I blinked. A picture of a man caught in between adolescence and adulthood, he was by no means an out-of-place looking guy.

I mean, he was out-of-place, but that was just because he was wearing a pair of white surgical pants and a white doctors coat without a shirt underneath, which showed off his six-pack abs wonderfully. The child-look stethoscope added this classic touch to his lean build, with a childish smile that held glamorous white teeth. His hair was a spiky mess of jet black hair, with sideburns running down his glowing cheeks.

Other than all of the above and his clear, brilliant blue eyes, he just looked like your run-of-the-mill, drool-over medical student.

He leaned back on his chair, arms folded behind his head so that his muscular, visible chest was directed at me.

I blinked again.

Shit, he was one sexy beast. The silver name-tag of "Dr. Zachary Devilin Braff" was situated on the top right peck of his long, dashing over-coat, just below his collar.

"Well, the nurses must be all over you." I said smartly, though I still watched him a little more than I should have.

He laughed lightly, wiping his nose with his forefinger. "Yeah." He agreed. "Yeah, this guy had a pretty great life going for him."

The nurses were all over him? All over my Devilin? He was Devilin, wasn't he?

Hold up. He fucking took over an innocent man's body!

"How could you?!" I yelled, instantly flaring up. "You can't just… You have no right to… That guy you're in was a doctor, and you're going to turn him into a murderer, and that isn't… You're like… Eight years older than me!" There were so many flaws with his new lifestyle I wasn't exactly sure where to start.

"You didn't seem to care that I was a murderer when you were the only one who could see me. I'm real now, Lass. Doesn't that win over everything?" Devilin's soft voice was like a desperate plea. That's when I realized we probably weren't on 'the best of terms', considering I'd let his other half -and nearly he, himself- die. Wait… How did he manage to get out of the nerdy Devilin Kann's body, and into that one of this sexy doctor, Zachary Braff before they died? And the funeral… I could have sworn that he was still in his body. Although, I probably wouldn't have been able to tell on the outside… Had I completely lost it and landed up in a freakin' hospital for nothing?

But, he was real.

Wait. That meant…

"Hey!" He said loudly, with slight confusion as I slide off the bed, and the IV needle got pulled out of my wrist. (Um, ouch?) "As an doctor-in-training I must ensure that you stay in a healthy, upright position-"

"Oh, I'll be in a upright position alright…" I muttered hotly, and stepped in front of him. I slowly reached my hand up and set it on his shoulder. He stayed silent, looking up at me with those delicious blue eyes. He was in a rather lay-back pose: hands still folded behind his head, legs spread wide and comfortably off the chair, back arched… My finger tips slowly ran down his white overcoat and began to touch his tanned skin. I breathed in, just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating and actually passed out on the gym floor again.

He didn't move. My hand slide down a little further, and I found what almost made me burst into dreadful tears all over again. A heartbeat. A wonderfully real, pulsing, alive heartbeat. Holy shit.

I jerked my hand away just as soon as I had touched him. He was alive; not dead. I had a second chance after all… Yet, he had changed so much… I didn't understand who he was anymore.

"Hey…" Devilin said softly, and reached for my hand. I moved away from him again however, so that he was only able to catch my wrist. Tear's were forming in my eyes once more, and I was shaking so violently because I was so damn scared of him - and of the unknown future he had hence created.

His eyes searched mine. I knew he had never seen me cry before this. I mean, I had cried for him after his death, but I had never once started tearing up when he was still an invisible, inner soul of a murderer. "It's alright, Michelle, you don't have to-"

"Dr. Braff." A tall, blonde nurse was now standing in the door frame of my hospital room, looking somewhat concerned.

"Look, I'm tryin' to have some time with my Girl here, Lady, so you'll have to take a rain check." Devilin stated, in one of his old, familiar, mocking tones in which he didn't look at her to say. He kept right on looking at me instead, with worry and hope in his eyes.

"Err, I beg your pardon, Sir?" I realized it before the blonde spoke again. That was not the way doctor Zachary Braff -had once- talked.

"My Girl. Michelle. We're kinda having a damn moment that you… Oh fuck." He stopped himself, closing his eyes and releasing his grasp on my hand. "Never mind. What is it?"

Apparently Zach Braff never swore like did Devilin either. The nurse nearly dropped her clipboard of patient notes, and gaped at him. "Uh, um.. Oh. Surgery in the East Wing needs assistance… Michael Raines… He's getting a bullet in his head removed-"

"Yeah, yeah." The doctor groaned, and lifted himself off of his chair with ease and walked over to her, snagging the information before she half-dropped it again. "Same shit, different day. Go back to bed, Miss Starrlight."

Then the two of them walked out the door. Devilin, obviously pissed and ahead of a extremely bewildered nurse.

"Is she alright?" A heard a female voice ask, probably to another doctor.

"What? Oh, right. Michelle. You're the girl who brought her in… Yeah. Thanks for that." However, it was Devilin's harsh sarcasm that answered.

"Hey! Where the hell are you going?" I recognized the girl now as Daniella Spencer. Wow. I guess she wasn't as much of a bitch as I had originally thought. Nonetheless, I half-smiled to myself knowing that Devilin had just totally ditched her in the middle of the hallway outside of my room.

"I'm a doctor, dammit, where the hell do you think?" Devilin's voice retorted impatiently before adding, "You can go in and see her if you want." Hearing that, I jumped and scurried back over to my plain white bed. I snagged a magazine off a nightstand, and attempted to hide the hanging IV needle behind my pillow.

"That guy is one freakin' sexy smart ass." In a matter a moments, my one true-blue enemy was standing, irritated, before my bed.

"Damn straight." I muttered, rolling my eyes and pretending to red some article about breast-implants.

"So, Starrlight… The glow seems to be back in your eyes. That's good, right?"

"Ew. Oh. Um, what? Glow, right." I was trying really hard to pay attention to Daniella, but I didn't really like her all that much, even if she did save my ass by bringing me back here. And then there was the fact that the whole breast-implant thing was completely disgusting and pathetic. "Yeah, I'm feeling pretty damn good. I guess you can go now, then."

"I didn't mean a healthy type of glow, Starrlight." The rich girl chipped it dimly, "I meant that you're over Devilin Kann."

"What?!" I yelped, and the medical magazine fell to my knees and my eyes went wide. Of course I wasn't over Devilin… I mean, I was just confused and… and… Just a little nervous about his new look and alternate way of life and… I was so not over him. Was I?

"You like that doctor asshole." Daniella said calmly, and I felt relief run through me. "And, no offense, but quite frankly you and that nerd would have never made it past first."

"Ah, first?" I thought I had understood her for a minute. Of course, everyone at my school thought that I had been head over heels with the nerdy Devilin Kann, and not his inner murdering soul which they thought never existed. So, she thought, understandably, that Devilin and Zach Braff were two completely different people. And that I had -thankfully- moved on.

"First base?" She gave me the whole 'you are retarded' look.

"Oh yeah. Me and nerdy, math-athlete Devilin Kann. Touchy-feely, French-kissing, first base. Nope. Never." I said, still not totally concentrating on her. Since, she had just basically said I like-like the new smart-lipped doctor in training.

"Okay, so, go after him."

"I 'ain't following, Spencer." I put dully, and looked at her.

"If you love that doctor-guy, go and tell him. God knows how much you messed up over Devilin because you didn't tell him how you felt soon enough and then… Well. I had to call 911 for a girl who I don't even like." She smiled almost sheepishly, her big-ass, Italian-made purse in her lap.

I blinked. Was she right? She was, wasn't she? I should tell Devilin. Or at least talk to him, and figure out what happened to us over the last week.

"But, like you said, Starrlight, you seem to be okay. And I have my reputation and next years vote for cheer captain to think about." My enemy -or, former enemy, I wasn't so sure anymore- stood, and nodded in a way of 'goodbye'.

I smiled. No way was she becoming next years cheerleading captain while I was still alive. "Hey, Daniella…"

"Yeah?" My classmate turned around and gave me a testy look.

"Thanks. And, I'm sorry about what I said about your parents earlier and for what happened to Jace." I figured I should apologize for my yelling and my freaking out of her boyfriend and making him leave once upon a time.

Daniella scoffed at me, rolling her eyes beneath their layers of expensive make-up. "Whatever, Starrlight." Her voice sounded more teasing than mean, which probably meant that she wanted me to keep this little act of grace towards me between us. Then she turned, and left.


After I had a juice box and a ricecrispe square, my nurse allowed me to go take a walk around the hospital. Seriously. If you are sixteen, don't go fainting and ending up in a infirmary - they sure as hell treat you like a kid. I mean, hello - I have boobs. That would imply I'm a young adult. (I still like ricecrispe squares however.)

Anyway, there only reason why I wanted to go out in my dull, hospital-given, gray sweat pants and plain white t-shirt. And that was to look for someone. One man, who I was quite sure how I felt about. Or, you know - thought I felt about.

"Mickey." Oh crap. He had seen me first. Adios plan. Devilin's breathless calling of my nickname made my shiver slightly, and I swallowed hard. He jogged over to me, abandoning the other surgeon who had had recently been talking to. Most likely about the Michael Raines guy.

"Is Bullet-head okay?" I asked in a neutral tone, trying to be somewhat friendly. Devilin grabbed me around the shoulders, and seemed to be searching for something wrong on my physical person.

"Oh. No, actually. He bled to death, but I guess that's how a hospital works, right? Shit, girl, why the hell are you walking around?!" He was feeling me up in the middle of the hallway rather frantically and not paying attention to his other patients.

"The guy… died?" I squeaked. "Maybe… Maybe you should go deal with that…" I said quietly, and fidgeted on the spot. A dead man was way more significant than our conversation anyway. "My nurse said I could leave my room, Devilin. Seriously, I'm fine."

"Hell no. That's what that guy-" he jerked his thumb to the experienced doctor he had been chatting with before he saw me, "is for." He spun me around and felt for a normal spinal cord. God, this was getting to be embarrassing. "Lest you forget, I'm a murderer. Someone like me shot that dude in the face in the first pla-" I rapidly clamped my hand over his lips. People were starting to stare at us, and I'd rather he didn't go blab his whole other-side-story to the medical world. He jerked his face away quite quickly nonetheless. "What the hell are you doing?" He hissed at me, and I shook my head.

"We need to talk. Privately." I said firmly, and looked deeply at him.

"Okay." Devilin spoke in a near-whisper, and nodded, happy that I was trying to achieve some normality between us again. "This way, Love." He lend me into a storage closet.

Yeah. That's right. A storage closet. He obviously wasn't the most romantic bastard, but I have to admit - hospitals do have some pretty big-ass storage closets. He pushed some carts of bedding and emergency room supplies out of the way and I followed him inside. He locked the door behind me.

"Coffee?" He muttered, rolling his eyes, and showing me a half-drunken cup on a shelf that someone had left behind some time ago. He carefully picked it up took a small sip as I raised my eyebrows. "Still good, baby." He took another gulp of caffeine just to prove it.

"How did you become a doctor instead of a corpse?" I asked, ignoring his odd and dangerous drinking habits.

"Long story short." He began, thinking a little. "After I, you know, supposedly kicked the bucket this guy-" Devilin pointed at his name-tag "came in the ICU room to oversee the body, like I did with that Michael What's-His-Name. And, I don't know… He touched my heart to check that I was indeed, passed on to the next life, and suddenly I was him." He shrugged, and I stared in disbelief. "I mean, it was like he knew that I needed to be around for you… That you still needed me. Of course, I felt like shit for the next four days 'cause I hadn't really been in a real body for an excruciatingly long time," He was exaggerating to humor me, "and this guys skin took some time to get used to but… After I did my research on this hospital and this guy's old life, it worked out well. I even changed my middle name to Devilin, just for you." He smiled half-heartedly and tossed his now empty paper-cup in a trash can to his right.

"But… Is that why you didn't come and get me at school for the past week? Because you felt sick?" I demanded. This all felt so damn weird; the look on his face said that he had thought the same thing over the last week. "Well, what about killing people? What ever happened to your murdering instinct?"

"I've thought about all that too - a lot. Though it is kind of difficult to get away from a hospital when you basically have the flu… I figure that I got kind of scared, you know, of seeing you again because I wasn't sure how my new body, and you, yourself, would react. I really didn't want to make you cry though…" His voice trailed off, and he carelessly shoved his rough hands into his surgical pants. "And, I guess if I get to exorcize evil inner souls with you it would be like murder, wouldn't it?"

"You still want to be with me?" I stated shyly, and blushed as he gave me a weird, handsome look. "Even after I-"

"It was never your fault, Michelle." He cut me off. "It was never your fault that my other half died." He gave me a stern look of honesty and care.

"But… But you almost-" I began, but Devilin just laughed slightly.

"Yeah. Yeah I did. But, I'm still here for you, baby girl. And who gives a damn about age difference - that just means you get a more experienced, gentleman." I smiled, and he then got down on one knee before me.

Holy shit. "Whoa. Whoa. What are you doing?" I said, shakily, my heart going absolutely mad in my chest. Daniella Spencer was right. I did love this new, ass of a doctor.

"Something I should have done a long time ago," He replied with a dashing grin, and reached up for my hand like he had done previously. This time I didn't pull away so that he could only catch my wrist - I let him hold on to my finger tips forever.

"Michelle Jennifer Starrlight, will you go out with me?" Devilin asked, a gleam in his magnificent blue eyes and a smile that had already won my heart.

"Zachary Devilin Braff," I said slowly, a tiny sparkle in my own voice, "how could I ever say no?" His tongue was in my mouth faster than I could have imagined. I moaned, and let him push me about against the wall of the closet. Our bodies meshed together; our hearts beat as one. And, for once, everything was completely alright in my love life because this Devilin, was a man who I could get a home run with.