You are.

Your time spent with me is nothing more than a game;

The semblance of life merely slipping through loose fingers

Oh, but it is not something being carelessly wasted

In my eyes, that time is quite well spent

Your praise thrown at me is hurtful yet well scripted

Not anything like your usually careless banter

It is no that those words offend me, I feel merely that

Others would be more fitting of your soft demeanor

Your glazed over eyes are my own personal heaven;

A place where even my blasphemous soul can be at ease

Inside them I see my euphoria and only you have been granted access

Somehow in my haste I forgot to get my keys

A place, where, I believe, understanding and lust

Can simply coexist on the same level

Your calculated caresses, honestly, do nothing to me

I long ago separated myself from the physical

Inferiority was never an issue with you, before

But for once it seems that I have managed to move on

While you are still stuck in the same trance that I left you in

It is truly is a pity to leave someone, who meant everything,

In such a broken state

Your live has now been thoroughly demeaned

I never once intentionally plotted to lessen your being--

Containment simply wasn't an option anymore.