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Life As We Know It, Sucks

I awoke to the birds twittering outside of my window. Wow, that was a first.

Birds, who knew?

Then I heard a pang and a loud rustle of the branches, and then the birds flew off.

Well, this is an all-boys school. I sighed and stretched.

"Pierre." I called out, for no reason in particular.

"Yeah?" I heard him groggily reply.

Hah, he wasn't awake yet.

"What day is it?" I asked.

"Saturday. Now lemme sleep." he mumbled, his voice muffled by the pillow.

I glanced at the clock to see that it was nine am. Wow, it's a Saturday already. The week felt like it just flew by.

Pierre and I were considered good friends I guess. He gave me some of his good food and I let him copy my math homework. That was a good deal, I guess.

I jolted a little when I heard a loud snort and a grumble from Pierre.

"Ugh. What time is it?" he grumbled.

"Nine." I informed him.

Today felt boring already. I guess I was just going to stay in the dorm. Maybe sneak out to get some food. Hopefully, I won't get jumped by Jason and his crew.

They got issues anyways.

"Fuck!" Pierre suddenly yelled, snapping up.

I shot up too, alarmed. "What?!"

"We have to go to PSR meeting today!! They make us have a five hour meet every weekend!" he exclaimed.

"WHAT?! I've been here for two weeks and you tell me this NOW?!" I shouted at him.

"I'm sorry. I guess I just really hated that class so much I didn't know I was ditching it." he replied sheepishly, pulling the covers away.

His brown locks were a mess as he pulled his white shirt over his toned stomach.

I sneezed.

"Gesundheit." Pierre told me.

I shuddered to myself. Was I just thinking what I think I was thinking?

I shook it off. Nawww, my nose was being tickled by dust particles in the air. And my nose connects to my brains, I wasn't mentally stable.

He was now getting up, his checkered boxers gave him a wedgie.

"Ack." he grunted and almost fell over trying to shake it out.

I quickly made a run for the bathroom. Just when I was about to reach the door, I got pushed back by Pierre's hand…at my chest.

I gasped and fell on my bum. Then I stared at Pierre, appalled as he stepped into the bathroom.

H-he t-touched m-m-my boobs!!

He didn't turn around as he shut the door with his foot. But his neck was really red.

I gaped as he closed the door and then fell on my back.


I convulsed a little and shuddered a little more as I patted my boobs, wondering if he could've felt them somehow.

I mean, I was wearing my vest..

But still..

Holy smokes. I just got my boobs touched by my roommate.

What a way to start the day..


Ten minutes later after we managed to successfully avoid each other's gaze and had raced to the field where the PSR meet was being held. We were altogether two hours and a half late. The teacher, who is actually a drill sergeant, was not pleased. Apparently, PSR had rotating teachers. On weekdays, we get an old cranky man that liked his cigarettes and newspaper. And we get this droid on weekends.

"How dare you show up after not coming for two weeks?! Late, nonetheless." the sergeant bellowed.

"Sorry. We kind of forgot." Pierre mumbled.

"Forget, did you? HOW CAN YOU FORGET SUCH A THING?!" the guy got up close and personal with Pierre, his spittle getting on Pierre's face.

I saw Pierre's jaw clench.

He was getting mad.

Yikes, I wouldn't want to be here when he blows.

"Alright. Boys, five laps around the track. Now, now, now!!" he commanded.

So off we went, running. Sure, I played sports, but my stamina was always crap. So I was already huffing pretty bad before half the lap was over. I glanced over as the other guys lapped me and overlapped me again. I was running among evil masterminds, thugs, and the criminals basically. And I was surprised by how fit they were. The obnoxious thugs in the back were even a lap ahead of me, making their own rhyme as they slowly trotted past me.

"We rep the west and we don't care. One two, one two. We shoot whoever gets in our hair. Three four, three four." they rambled as sweat dripped down their brows.

I was gasping for breath as I heaved forward.

Pierre was already finished with his fifth lap while I was still on my third.

Stupid boys, I wheezed as my throat burned.

"Hey Nic. What lap are you on?" Pierre asked in a full casual voice as he slowly jogged beside me. The earlier awkwardness was now gone.

"Third." I gasped, no longer capable of breathing through my nose.

"Wow." Pierre said. "Uhh. Nice job?"

"Shut up. You're not helping," I huffed as cramps attacked my stomach.

I forgot to stretch. Crap. All the other guys were finished except me.

I groaned inwardly.

"YOU SUCK, YOU WIMPS." I heard the teacher bellow at the class.

This really blows.

Fifteen minutes later, I managed to almost crawl to the finish line. But before I could regain my breath, Sergeant Whatshisname I never did catch his name was on me like a fly on garbage.

"Half an hour for five laps?! That is the most pathetic run I have ever seen!" he yelled.

But the track was really big, I wanted to tell him.

"You are not even considered a boy in this group, you are nothing but a big baby." he continued.

I heard a few snickers from the crowd of "boys".

"If you can't handle running, how the hell do you handle getting expelled? Huh?"

I don't. Heck, I haven't even thought about it.

He drilled on more and gave us more physically exhausting tasks to do. By the time the meet was over, I forgot what my legs felt like. Everything was aching soooo bad.

No wonder Pierre wanted to skip this.

"Alright, boys, you have slightly improved my impression about you. Go to the locker rooms and clean yourself up." Coach Thorne hollered.

Yeah, I learned that when he wasn't being an asshole to us. He was an asshole gym teacher to the juniors. He liked being called coach, instead of sergeant.

The guys started running for the locker rooms before the actual school could wake up and see their degraded forms. Pierre was among them, claiming he had to pee.

I, on the other hand, just fell over on the grass and tried to relax my cramping muscles. I closed my eyes and sucked oxygen through my teeth, trying to calm my heart.

"Well, well, well, look who it is." I heard a snide voice from above me.

My eyes shot open as I see Jason's evil face above me.

Oh no! I shot up and accidentally slammed my head against his forehead.

"Shit!!" he yelled as I jumped a mile away. Unfortunately, the mile was not literal.

"Go away!" I yelled at him.

"Why? I'm not gonna hurt you." he said, grinning.

He wasn't with his crew, which was a surprise. He still had the black eye Pierre gave him though.

"Sure, you aren't. You already did crap to me. Now you're done. Go away, you asshole." I tried to say through my shaking nerves. My heart was beating fast again; this was probably equivalent to running the five laps.

"Aww, who knew you couldn't take a joke? It was just a little hazing. Ya know, to kind of introduce you to the new school." Jason said casually.

"Well, introductions are over. And I don't ever want to be introduced to you again. Leave me alone!" I yelled girlishly before jetting off away from him.

Boy's Point Of View

The cool water poured down Pierre's taut back and he couldn't help but shiver from the cold.

Unfortunately, they were stationed at a locker room without any hot water. Pierre's teeth chattered as he was slightly refreshed by this shower.

Girls suck at running, he pondered as the other boys made fun of each other in the shower.

"Ah shit, I dropped the soap." Pierre heard some boy exclaim, followed by a couple of snickers from everybody else.

Pierre sighed; high school, what a place. He shouldn't have even been here. He was smart enough to stay alive; he didn't need to learn about trigonometry or whatever the hell he's supposed to learn in high school.

He could've been head by now if his uncle wasn't a greedy son of a bitch. It was thanks to that bastard that he was in this stupid school anyways. How he sweet talked his brother's wife after his brother died. Pierre scoffed and scrubbed away whatever heat he had before from the exercise.

Papa, if you could see me now. Pierre thought to himself.

"Hey! Hey! The new kid's getting hazed again!!" a fully dressed kid came bursting into the showers.

Pierre listened intently to the conversation as the kid tried to swat the little droplets of water away.

"Yeah, Jason's cornering him right now. You should see it, the kid's too small against Jason. You guys should see it!! There's gonna be a fight soon." the kid rambled excitedly.

Fights, Pierre rolled his eyes. They weren't that fun; he's been enough to know. Then his eyes stopped rolling and his green eyes grew wide with shock.

Shit! Nic was being messed with again.

Pierre grabbed a towel and ran out of the shower room.

Crap, he shouldn't have left her alone.


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