Flowers on a Rainy Morning
Lady Glass

Rain drops fell into your coffee
On that morning in May
When you handed me the lily
Dripping with dew and rain

"A lily," you said,
"Is what you once were.
White as snow and dripping with dew,
Surrounded by the flowers on a rainy morning."

And you held my hand
On that morning in May
And when a rain drop fell in my hot chocolate
You laughed

"You are still a lily," you said,
"You are still beautiful
White as snow
Dripping with dew and surrounded by flowers on a rainy morning."

And I believed you
Because what you say
Is always true

Author's Note: I usually don't like leaving author's notes at the end of poems, but I really wanted to for this one to tell the story of what inspired this poem.It was about ten in the morning when I went for a walk. It started to rain just as Iwalked past a coffee shop. Just asI wasabout to pass the door of the coffee shop, this couple came out, the man carrying a coffee, the woman carrying a hot chocolate. They were laughing together and looked very in love when suddenly the man stopped, picked up a flower from the flower boxes which lined the street, and gave it to her very solemnly. It seemed to have a real importance to the woman because she gave him such a significant smile that I was sure it meant more than just a flower, so with my wild imagination I thought up this whole story and here it is, laid out in a poem.

Much love,
Lady Glass