Summary: Enya Swann had everything going for her – looks, money, popularity and an awesome boyfriend… Well, almost boyfriend. But then she just had to come across a sorceress who gets jealous of her and… decides to take her life. So she transforms Enya into… something… What makes it harder is that she gets sent to a world that she thought could only be make-believe…

Chapter 1

"Enya! Oi! Enya!"

I ignored the voice, waving my hand in a signal for the person to shut their trap. Thankfully, whoever was calling me got the message and kept quiet.

"Oh Juan Miguel! I should've known you're like everyone else! You just picked me up, made me fly so high before you drop me like a useless rag doll!"

Oh gosh… I can't take this! Why doesn't he just tell her how he feels?!

"Yes, I admit. That was my intention at first-" Oh, you just dug a hole there, buddy! "-But as I spent more time with you…"

A gasp. The rustle of clothes…

This was getting exciting!

"Don't feed me any more of your lies!" That's right! Just get it out for goodness' sake and tell her you love her!

"They are not lies-"

"And how many times have you recited that line?"

Cool comeback.

"If you won't listen, then feel!"

More gasps, murmurs and sighs… I, on the other hand, was clutching my box of tissues.

"I can't believe you watch this crap!" the waiting person shouted. "And cry over it?! What's the matter wid' chu?"

I sniffed. "You don't know good soap opera when you see them, Arnie."

Grabbing the remote control, he turned the TV off despite my protests of "Hey!" The meanie!

"You," he intoned. "Little girl, are late for the charity ball. You're not even dressed!"

I groaned as I clutched my pillows. "Do I have to go?"

He looked thoughtful for a moment before giving me a blank stare. "Yes." Then, more slyly, he added, "Jer is going to be there."

Instantly, I was on my feet, looking around in my wardrobe. "Why didn't you say so?!"

Arnie just laughed as he left my room.

I have to look good now! And so little time! I have to get ready quick!

Charity ball… charity ball… Okay, formal occasion…

I rushed to the furthest left side of my wardrobe and sifted through my formal gowns. Oh, I didn't have that many… Only about four or five. I selected my favorite one – a deep forest green gauze gown that hugged my waist and flowed down to the floor. Unlike most rich with my kind of money, I did not have a personal maid so I had to pin my hair up myself. Pinning my hair up is my biggest chore – it's curly and slightly thick. I only pinned half my hair up and left the other half hanging lose. A bit of make up (and I really mean a bit) and I was done.

Arnie smiled as I literally ran down the stairs. "Gorgeous as usual."

I beamed at him and we walked out of my family's mansion towards the limousine waiting outside the door. But before I could step inside, I heard two voices shrieking my name.


All I saw were two golden heads before two lumps slammed into me. I winced and groaned, thankful I didn't fall backwards.

"Enya, you promised to play with us!" the boy yelled.

"Yeah! You promised! You promised!" piped his – my – sister. Twin sister, actually…

How could I have forgotten about the twins?

This is going to take a while…

I bent over them, not wanting to kneel and get the dress ruined. "Sorry, guys… Tomorrow? I'll spend the whole day with you tomorrow."

"AWW!" they whined. I sighed. Okay, this was going to take longer than I expected.

"What do I have to do for you to let me go?" I asked patiently. "Besides, I promised the only after dinner for today, right? Tomorrow, you get me the whole day – just the three of us."

They looked up at me with wide, tearful green puppy-dog eyes. I felt guilt eat me up.

"Promise?" they whispered simultaneously.

I gave both of them a tight hug. "I promise. We'll do whatever you want, okay?"

The two smiled brightly. "Okay!" With that, they bounded off.

My twin siblings are so adorable and cute! They're spoiled rotten though – both by my parents and even by me. But who could resist those cute innocent green eyes and loveable golden heads? No one!

"You still have that look on your face," Arnie told me with a grin. I grinned back. The "look" was my expression every time I thought fondly of my twins. You know, the kind of look people have whenever they see something absolutely irresistible.

I love the two very much.

But now I have a ball to go to and a guy to stare at all night!

"Are you still after that guy?" Arnie asked, raising an eyebrow. I nodded fervently.

"Jer is the only guy for me," I told him firmly. "No one else."

Arnie helped me tuck my dress in the car. "I thought that about my first girlfriend… And we didn't even last for a month since we started going out!" He closed the door and quickly ran to the driver's side. But our conversation wasn't finished. I moved closer towards the driver's seat.

"But how long did you chase her for?" I asked him.

Arnie shrugged. "Probably a month."

I nodded. "Exactly! I've been after this guy since I was ten years old!"

Yup. Seven hard, laborious years of chasing after one single guy…

Well, not exactly chasing… I mean, I wasn't stalking him or anything. Our family just happens to be close so we always see each other…

…And he doesn't know how I feel for him. I never mentioned it once. I don't want to sound like some desperate little girl who's pining after one of the most sought-after bachelors in our classy world…

Well, maybe I am a little girl (to him, anyway) who's pining after one of the most sought-after bachelors in our classy world. But I'm not clingy – I never cling – and I don't have to know every single detail about him. He's even had a couple of girlfriends in the six years I've liked him and I have certainly not gone on a killing rampage.

What's eight years anyway? Who cares if he's eight years older than me? I'm sure he likes me at least. I mean, he's always been kind, generous and caring when it comes to me and he's never like that with anyone – not even his girlfriends. I should know since I've seen him with his girlfriends. To mostly everyone, he was always polite and calm to the point of seeming reserved. But to me, he's completely warm, affectionate and full of laughs… And no, this is not a little girl imagining what she wants her dream guy to think of her.

"Well, just good luck on your quest to have the man of your fantasies," Arnie told me though I could see and hear the smile on his face. "May you wrap your tight pinky around him and never let go."

I knew he thought this was funny but I ignored him.

We finally arrived at the country club where the ball was being held. My parents have been with Jer – Jeremiah's – family since morning to organize the ball. I didn't expect Jer to come since I heard he was somewhere in Europe (and no that does NOT mean that I have to constantly know where he is!). So this is a wonderful surprise.

"Are you coming with me?" I asked Arnie after I got out of the car. He shook his head.

"No way! You know I don't like those high class people in there!"

I gave him an innocent look. "I'm high class."

He grinned at me. "You may be rich, girl, but you are no high class bitch… And that's a good thing."

I gave him a mock skeptical look. "If you say so…" He laughed and gave me a pat on the shoulder. I beamed at him before going up the steps.

It was my parents who were welcoming everyone in. They smiled when they saw me approach.

"We're glad you came, Enya," my mom said happily as she kissed me on the cheek.

"I bet it had something to do with Jeremiah," my dad added, his teasing smile evident. I stuck my tongue at him. Childish but I got a laugh out of my usually serene father.

My parents never force me to do anything – that's not saying that they spoil me. Far from it! My parents got to where they are from sheer hard work. My dad had to do all sorts of jobs at one period while my mom had to save every single penny she made. That was the reason why they married late and had children late. Even though I'm only seventeen – and I'm their eldest child – my dad was already turning fifty-six while my mom just turned fifty-three. That was a thirty-nine-year age gap between me and my father, and a thirty-six-year age gap between me and my mother. I'm surprised she even got pregnant again and gave birth to twins at the age of forty-three.

I saw one of my friends wave at me from the corner of my eye… my best friend, in fact. I excused myself to my parents and made a bee line through the crowd towards Emily Jorge.

"I've seen Jeremiah tonight!" Emily told me excitedly, her hazel eyes bright. One of her favorite forms of entertainment was watching me make a fool of myself in front of my first and only crush. "In fact, he's asked me if I've seen you."

I felt my pulse quicken. He's asked for me?

"Where is he?" I demanded, scanning the crowd for that dark hair… the warm, liquid dark eyes… the coffee brown complexion… that lean yet muscular body… those broad shoulders…

…and the look he reserved only for me…

"You're getting that look on your face again," she told me, smirking. Emily is really pretty with her blonde hair, which she pinned up in a complicated twist for the ball, and an hourglass figure. I wish I had her curves but I had to be satisfied with myself.

I completely wiped the look off. What look? That hungry look.

It's the look I get whenever I daydream about Jeremiah… But I won't go any deeper into that. I'm a normal teenage girl with hormones. But I haven't had R-rated fantasies yet so yay for me!

Suddenly, Emily's look became serious. "But there's this bitch who's been tailing him… She's such a snot! She wouldn't let anyone come near him!"

I perked up. "Really? Who?"

Emily shook her head. "No one we've met before. She's his age – maybe slightly older. But what a clinger! I really feel sorry for Jer."

I shook my head, trying to get the fears out of my head. "Do you know her name?"

Emily nodded. "Dulce Cunnings."

Cunnings. How appropriate.

My best friend stiffened. I instantly knew who was behind me.

"You're finally here," a quiet, deep and soft voice said. I quickly reddened as I turned around and looked up at Jeremiah Frost.

He looked as handsome as ever. I barely resisted the urge to sigh and commended myself for it.

"How are you?" I asked shyly, looking into those dark eyes. He smiled and I felt my heart flutter. I know I sound like a love-sick idiot… But I am a love-sick idiot!

"Getting by," he said with a tender smile. "You?"

I wanted to take his hands and press myself to him but that would just scare him away, I'm sure. So I clasped my hands in front of me.

"Okay," I said weakly, on the verge of stuttering. His smile brightened and – cliché as it sounds – I was dazzled. If only he knew what he does to me…

"I see Taylor over there," Emily declared – a bit too loudly in my opinion but I shut my trap. "I'll see you two later!" With a subtle wink at me, she left.

Jeremiah turned to me and held his arm out, ever the gentleman. "Walk with me?"

Oh yes!

I placed my hand on his arm and sighed inwardly. I was always content and at ease with him. Who else can be so… so…

…so perfect?

He led me out into the huge terrace that overlooked a garden. I missed the warmth of his arm as he took a step away from me.

"So how is school?" he asked kindly.

I sighed inwardly again – but not for the same reasons.

Back to being treated like a kid…

"I got an A for Trigonometry," I said weakly. I felt like a little sister talking to her older brother instead of a girl talking to her boyfriend.

"That's good," he said good-naturedly. His next comment surprised me. "You look very beautiful tonight."

My eyes widened. I gasped and blushed. That was…

That was the very first time he used the word "beautiful" and my name in a sentence!

"Don't get me wrong," he continued with a chuckle. His eyes were shining. "You've always been beautiful. I've never really told you that, have I?"

My blush deepened. Was this leading somewhere?

He reached out and touched my cheek. I leaned into his hold…


The sharp, high-pitched voice made me stiffen. I looked towards the wide glass doors and saw a woman in her mid or late twenties. She was good-looking enough… But nowhere near as gorgeous as Emily.

"There you are!" she exclaimed as she walked towards us. She then latched herself on his arm. "And who is this?"

Jeremiah turned to me with a smile. "This is Enya. If she doesn't mind the age gap, I would like her to be my girlfriend."

I thought my heart would stop.

"Yes!" But it came out as a breathless whisper.

Jeremiah beamed and the woman fixed her hateful, glaring eyes on me. This must be Dulce Cunnings.

Jer made a move towards me but the banshee held him back.

"Darling," she purred. "I came out here to tell you that your parents want you. They're waiting by the dais."

Jeremiah hesitated before nodding his head. "I'll talk to you later, Enya." His eyes were full of promise and I nodded happily.

He left. I thought Dulce would follow but she didn't.

"So," she started, a sneer on her face, making her ugly. "You're the little whore who has constantly been on his mind."

I seethed. I am NOT a whore!

But as I opened my mouth to reply, she held her hand up and kept talking.

"Though it's simply torture to say so, I have to admit that you are beautiful," Dulce said, looking me up and down with a cocked eyebrow. She then smirked. "Do you know what they say about beauty being a burden?"

I gave her a confused look. What was this woman on about?

To my surprise, the sliding glass doors suddenly began closing on their own. I heard the lock click…

I was outside on the terrace alone with this strange woman!

Something eerie started to happen. Her hands began to glow!

"But don't worry, dear," she was saying though I was too focused on her glowing hands to really listen. "I'll rid you of that burden."

What did she mean?

I then realized what she meant…

Beauty is a burden…

She's going to rid me of that burden…

Beauty equals burden.

Me minus burden…

…equals me minus beauty!

I felt a glow surround me. I've always liked how I look… I don't know how she would do it but I knew what she threatened was possible if this glow is any indication!

My chest and my belly ached with extreme pain. I gasped.

What was happening?!

The glow disappeared and I fell on the terrace floor. I wasn't wearing my gown anymore… I couldn't feel it…

I was naked.

I sat up and looked up at Dulce. She smirked when she saw my face.

"Would you look at that… Even as a boy you're still good-looking… Quite cute actually… But Jeremiah won't look your way anymore."

Boy? Did she just say boy?

I placed my hand on my chest… Something was wrong… Something was very wrong…

My chest was flat.

Completely and utterly flat.

I quickly looked down at myself and gasped. I felt my head swim…

This can't be happening… This cannot be happening…

Two – three, actually – things protruded from where it wasn't supposed to be. They were the things that made a man a man…

But I'm not a man…

I'm not supposed to be a man…

I'm a girl…

"This is a nightmare," I whispered. "A complete and utter nightmare…"

Dulce laughed darkly. "This is reality little girl… or should I say little boy?"

"NO!" I screamed. "NO! NO! NOO!"

I began glowing again. I wrapped my arms around myself, terrified of what was going to happen next.

Dulce cackled. "Don't worry! I'll clothe you! But Jeremiah is mine now! Since I'm feeling nice, I'll send you to a place where you'll never see him again! A place where you'll eventually forget him… Well, hopefully for your sake. As an added bonus, I would even help you with the language barrier. How generous is that? Good-bye now."

The glow became brighter. I shut my eyes and suddenly, I felt myself falling and falling…

Then the falling stopped. I slowly opened my eyes… I was on a plateau… A great, wide plateau…

I wasn't naked anymore. But I wasn't fully clothed either. I was wearing what seemed to be a shirt made out of brown rough fabric. It stopped just before it reached my knees.


I looked up and found a small… thing… that was made completely of fire. It was surrounded by bigger balls of water that tried to shoot it with bursts of water.

I walked forward and touched the ball of water. I've never seen anything like it.

Surprisingly, at my touch, it disappeared.

The fire thing's face brightened with hope. "Help me, please!"

I gave it a cautious look. I've read my share of fairy tales and I knew that elementals should not be easily trusted.

"How do I know you won't burn me?" I asked suspiciously. Not that it mattered since this is a strange yet terrifying nightmare anyway…

Another water ball tried to gun the fire thing down with a burst of water. The fire thing squealed.

"Please! I'll do anything! I'll even make a contract!"

I hesitated. Another water ball fired.

"PLEASE! I swear on my element that I will make a life-long contract with you!"

Finally, I agreed. It seemed sincere enough and I hated seeing anything bullied.

I touched all the balls of water with a finger and they quickly disappeared. Vaguely, I wondered why they didn't attack me but I pushed the thought from my mind.

The fire thing sighed in relief. "Thank you!"

I eyed it. "What contract were you talking about?"

The fire thing sighed. "I hereby declare that I make a contract with… What's your name?"

Without thinking, I said, "Enya."

It nodded. "I hereby declare that I make a contract with the human, Enya, from here onwards until one of us ceases to exist in this world and in any other."

To my shock, it pushed itself against me… and entered me!

I felt warmth wash over me… This is a very realistic dream.

The fire thing left my body but the warmth remained, lingering.

It beamed at me.

"You may call me Fire…"

I nodded.

"…And you, Enya, are the new Tamer of Fire."


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