Chapter 2

"By the way," Fire said innocently. "What's a girl doing in a boy's body?"

I grabbed him in thin air, not thinking again. Thankfully, I could touch him (her?) without burning myself.

"Don't ever say that," I hissed. What if people heard… What would I do?! What would I say?! How would I act?! HOW DO I GET THROUGH THIS?!

I then realized something…

This is real… This is real…

I'm really in a boy's body!

And I'm never going to see my parents, the twins, Emily and Jeremiah ever again…

What I never thought about because I never thought it was possible… is happening to me…

A girl… transformed into a boy… taken to another world…

I felt tears gather at my eyes. Fire seemed to notice since he touched my cheek with a tiny hand.

"Oh, Enya, don't cry," he said soothingly. "I won't tell anyone. I promise."

I took a good look at him. His body – which was human-like – was yellowish and bright. His hair was pure fire and a small glittering orange material covered his lower and upper parts. Violet eyes met my gaze – eyes the color of the strongest fire.

"W-what exactly are you?" I sniffed, wiping my tears away. Fire grinned at me.

"I am the Embodiment of Fire," he declared proudly. "I can control everything related to fire and you, as my Tamer, share those powers with me."

The Embodiment of Fire… That made sense.

I also shared his powers… Woah!

But I came to a decision. While I was in this world, it would be better if no one knew that I used to be… am… a girl…

Am I still a girl?

I had the perfect life… I had everything! Why did that Dulce Cunnings have to take it from me? I have never hated anyone but I think it is safe to say that I hate her with everything in me!

"From now on, you will call me Yaen," I told Fire. It was a completely made up name but I wanted – so desperately – to keep the pretend name close to my real one. I don't want to ever forget who…

…who I was…

How could this happen to me? Why me?

"Okay," Fire said cheerfully. "From now on, you are Yaen. I won't forget, Yaen."

I nodded, glad that he was agreeable, and sighed. I really want to see how I look like now… Dulce said I'm cute but I don't know what cute is to that insane banshee. And…

How in the world am I supposed to clean…

…You know…

…Those things…

…Yes, those things…

…You know…

Down there…

I sighed again. I'll have to look at again sooner or later…

…Hmm… I wonder…

Am I well endowed?

Hey! This was curiosity getting to me! Who can blame a girl for being curious?

I just know I'm going to have my eyes shut every time I take a bath or shower…


Quite tightly too…

This is going to be hell.

Then I realized…

"How am I supposed to pee?!" I yelled out in panic.

I've never used one of these things before!

Suddenly, I felt the tugging… The urge to pee…

I stared down at my… new extra body extensions…

"Ah, hell!"

I need to go to a toilet!

I quickly darted a look around me… I then remembered that I was on top of a freaking plateau!

So what did I do?

What else?


"What have I ever done to deserve this?" I shouted to the sky.

"What's wrong?" Fire asked me in concern.

I looked at him, pleading in my eyes. "I need to pee!"

He tilted his head to the side, reminding me instantly of my twin siblings. "Then pee."

Shaking my head, I almost yelled, "Here?!"

Fire shrugged. "Where else?"

I started pacing, trying to stop myself from doing it. "But I don't know how to!" I cried.

The Embodiment of Fire looked even more confused. "What do you mean you don't know how to?"

But it was too late.

I quickly lifted the shirt up to prevent myself from urinating on it. To my absolute horror and embarrassment, my… ahem… ding-a-ling… shot urine without my permission!

"Ah!" Fire cried, zooming out of range to prevent the liquid from touching him as I tried to get it pointing downwards instead of forwards with sheer will power. "Control it!"

"I don't know how to!" I screamed.

"Then touch it or something!" Fire yelled back.

I shook my head firmly. "No way! No way am I touching that… that thing!"

"But it's your thing!" he said in exasperation.

"Don't remind me," I said through clenched teeth. Having no choice, I touched it…

…and felt a shiver run through me… and no, not the pleasant kind: the kind of disgust.

I really wish I was a girl again.

I've never peed for that long and I don't even remember drinking that much liquids!

I sighed happily in relief. Thank goodness that was over and done with!

"Is it safe to come closer now?" Fire asked meekly. I glared at him but nodded. He smiled happily and floated towards me.

We were silent for a moment.

"What do I do now?" I whispered quietly. I had no idea what to do. I don't even know this place – this world!

But Fire beamed at me. "You have to look for the other Tamers!"

Okay… That was a start…

"How many are there?" I asked curiously.

Fire looked thoughtful. "Well… There's me… Then Metal, Lightning, Water, Stone, Earth, Air, Sound, Fauna and Planta! So ten all in all!"

How am I supposed to look for them? I don't even know how big this place is!

"By the way, what were those things that were harassing you?" I asked him in curiosity.

"Water elementals," Fire answered automatically. "They're mischievous creatures but those were weak elementals. That's why they disappeared when you, a human, touched them."

"But you have powers of fire," I said in confusion. "Can't you blast them with fire or something and they'll evaporate?"

Fire shook his head. "I can't attack elementals unless they were of fire since in a way, I'm an elemental too. Only Water can stop them and Water wasn't here."

"So you have no power over elementals?" I asked, trying to understand his answer. "Unless they're of fire?" Fire nodded.

"That's right."

"But since I'm not an elemental and they are weak, I was able to make them disappear," I continued, trying to understand that bit.

Fire nodded again. "That doesn't mean they don't exist anymore. That just means they shied away and left me alone."

By exist, I'm guessing he means live…

"I think I understand it," I said slowly.

But before Fire could reply, an amused voice cut through the air.

"Look at what we have here."

I looked up and found a humanoid creature floating on the air above us. The only thing that separated him from a human was that the tips of his ears were pointed and his nails were long and sharp. I had no doubt that he could use it to slice through flesh.

Fire pressed himself against my chest and I hugged him close. I took one step back but I knew I couldn't go anywhere… Not unless I was willing to jump from a tall height – which I was not.

"Yaen," Fire whispered. "It's a sorcerer. A powerful one as well…"

I looked at him. It took a while for me to remember that Yaen is my new name. But when I took in what Fire said, I looked back at the sorcerer.

I'm guessing that's a bad thing.

I was surprised to feel fear. Since I didn't know the danger, I can't be too scared.

Then I realized that it was actually Fire's fear I was feeling. Was it the contract that bonded us this way?

Fire fearing this sorcerer can't be a good thing.

I took a long, careful look at him. He's actually… Handsome wasn't a good enough word to describe it. Dare I say beautiful? But he was nowhere near being feminine.

He had stark black hair that reached just a bit past his shoulders. I could not separate the iris from the pupil of his eyes. He had eye-shadow on and ebony marks swirled around his face, if possible, adding more allure to his appearance. I knew he was trouble just by the way he looked.

The sorcerer's eyes widened as he gazed down at Fire. "It's an Embodiment of an element… I'm presuming fire?" His gaze then turned towards me. "But what is it doing with a human?"

Fire's fear spiked. I knew I had to do something.

"I'm his Tamer," I answered, trying to look calm. But I knew I gave the wrong answer when those eyes narrowed.

"You?" His expression changed to one of keen interest. "I see…" He extended his hand out. "Come here."

He made a gesture and I felt the air whoosh past me before I found myself right in front of the sorcerer in mid-air, his hands gripping my upper arms firmly. I stared at him, shocked.

The sorcerer smiled. "Lanar."

A group of cloaked figures suddenly surrounded us. There were at least thirty. One of them stepped away from the others in mid air and bowed.

"Yes Master?"

The sorcerer, who I'm guessing is the leader of this group, kept his eyes on me even though he spoke to another.

"Run ahead and have the research room prepared." His eyes glinted. "We have our very first specimen."

I tried to struggle but he crushed me to him. Fire was pushed closer towards me and he molded into me.

I wasn't aware of much but I knew that I began to blaze in a warm, comforting flame. I jumped away from the sorcerer since he let go of me as soon as I combusted.

"Not yet," the lead sorcerer said before aiming his fingers at me.

Electricity zapped from his fingers. I barely even registered what it was before Fire and I screamed as we were electrocuted. I shut my eyes tightly, trying to block the pain but I couldn't.

Was I going to die?

Darkness consumed me before I could answer the question…


My whole body felt heavy while a lay on something cold and hard. Where was I?

Everything came rushing back. Going to that charity ball… Seeing my parents and Emily… Talking to Jeremiah… Becoming his official girlfriend… Then being cursed by that Cunnings woman… Rescuing Fire… Becoming the Tamer of Fire… Getting kidnapped by some mad sorcerer-

Oh God! I've been kidnapped!

I tried to sit up – and had some difficulty. My body was still somewhat numb after being electrocuted. I'm surprised I'm even alive. I looked at my surroundings and found myself boxed by mirrors.

It was the first time I saw myself as a guy.

To make it short, it was still me even though it was a slightly more masculine version. I did look like a scraggly sixteen-year old boy instead of a girl who's older. My hair was still red and thick though the luscious curls straightened a bit, leaving only the very tips curling and very slightly. The contours of my face were less delicate and were more angular. My nose wasn't as cute before, rather it was somewhat sharper. My lips thinned to an extent but my eyes were exactly the same.

I did look boyish and cute… But I would rather have my gender and original appearance back!


I jumped and almost fell of the hard metal table I was on when one of the walls suddenly moved and slowly fell away.

"You're finally awake."

I quickly looked towards the direction of the voice. It was familiar… Lanar was it?

His cloak was gone and this time, I could see his face. I had to admit… Just like the sorcerer, he was beyond just mere handsome. Also, he had marks on his forehead, much like slashes. His hair was a dark brown with some green strands. I stared at him. Was that natural green hair?

I then remembered that this isn't Earth anymore. This is a world where elements take on bodies and sorcerers exist. Obviously, in this world, sorcerers were of a different class from humans like me. First of all, they had pointed ears and sharp nails.

I then remembered… Fire!

Last time I was awake, he was inside me. But now, I felt the absence of that comforting fire.

"You must be looking for the Embodiment of Fire," Lanar spoke. "Follow me, Tamer."

Having no choice, I got down from the table. I wasn't wearing the clothes Dulce Cunnings gave me anymore. Instead, I was wearing a long white short-sleeved shirt and trousers that reached to my calves. The fabric was more comfortable and breathable. But I noticed something that wasn't there before…

…I had black markings on my upper arms – similar to the ones the lead sorcerer had on his face.

Have I been just branded?

Lanar suddenly grabbed my wrist and yanked painfully hard. I stumbled towards him and he grabbed my chin and made me look straight into his cold eyes.

"Be a nice pet for Master Iridios," he said in an almost threatening manner as his grip on my chin tightened. I gasped and he smirked.

He let go of my chin but kept a grip on my wrist. He led me through wide halls like he would a puppy until; finally, we reached a set of tall double-doors.

Lanar knocked before the doors opened magically. This reminded me of how Dulce had closed the sliding doors at the country club without touching them. Is it possible that she is one of these creatures?

Then that means Jeremiah is in danger!

"I see the boy is awake." The voice pulled me out of my thoughts. I looked straight ahead and saw the sorcerer – who I'm guessing is named Iridios – standing in front of a desk, a ball of glass floating beside him. Inside that ball of glass was…

"Fire!" I exclaimed. Forgetting Lanar still gripped my wrist, I tried to run forward but I sprang right back at the tall sorcerer, my wrist feeling as though someone tried to yank my hand out of the socket.

"Yaen!" Fire cried as he pounded on the glass.

Iridios chuckled. "Lanar, let go of him." Lanar obeyed and I quickly took a number of steps away from him. But I did not dare go near Iridios so I stood at the middle.

The head sorcerer looked at me with amusement. "Well, go on. Ask it."

I knew which question he meant. "Why am I here?"

The small smirk widened fractionally. "You are here because you are a Tamer and I've always wanted to capture one… What's more is that you are unique."

I gave him a confused look. "Unique?" Hold on… Does he know that thing about me being a girl… Well, used to be a girl?

Iridios approached me slowly, purposefully. "You are the very first human Tamer in all of history."


I am?

"Humans are more corruptible creatures," Iridios continued, his expression becoming one of laziness. "That is why faeries are traditionally the Tamers of the elements… That and because faeries already have an affinity with nature."

He explained a lot of things to me in that short time. So that means I'm not meant to be the Tamer… But if that's the case, then who?

From what I've gathered, there are four types of creatures in this world… These sorcerers, humans, elementals and faeries… Perhaps there are more.

Iridios leaned close. "Do you know the Embodiment of Fire's name?"


Wasn't it Fire?

But before I could answer, the globe of glass behind Iridios…

…Began melting…

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lanar lunge for me but I quickly ran backwards. Something like a small explosion occurred and Fire flew straight towards me, diving inside my body.

To my absolute awe, wings of fire sprouted from my back. They flapped on their own – which I assume is due to Fire – as they propelled me towards the window. I quickly shielded my face with my arms as we crashed through it.

"Yaen, you can manipulate fire and shape it to any form you wish just by thinking!" Fire's voice said from inside me. "You need to throw an attack towards them to slow them down."

He was right. I knew those sorcerers wouldn't give up without giving chase.

I imagined all the different forms of fire I can create… Something that would spread without using too much…

Thinking of numerous darts, I raised my arm, willing those darts of fire to form. Amazingly, they did and when I brought my arm down, they all descended, reminding me of a rain of bullets shooting across the air.

"That was great!" Fire commended. "Now we can focus on flying!"

"I won't let go of you that easily, human Tamer," I heard Iridios' voice in my head. He didn't sound angry or bothered at all…

In fact, he sounded mightily entertained.

My upper arms burned with pain – right where the markings were. I couldn't help but let out a yell, accompanied by Fire's own one.

The wings disappeared and I plummeted straight towards thick foliage of trees. Fire got us away quickly after all…

The pain disappeared from my arms as soon as I hit the first tree top. I shielded my face as I continued on falling, small branches and twigs slowing my descent. But oh boy, did they hurt!

Suddenly, I felt pain shoot from my lower regions across my whole body as I groaned in agony.

I had fallen on a big tree branch… And fallen on…

…Well, the most tender part of my body right now…

Yes, those new found cursed things.

Now I know how a guy feels like whenever he gets kicked on the balls!

I'm not too sure if I could ever kick a guy on the balls ever after this…

Fire separated himself from me. "Are you all right Yaen?"

"I'll live," I squeaked out. Coughing, I tried to get my original voice back. "Do you think they'll find us here?"

"It's better if we keep on moving," Fire said anxiously. I nodded seriously.

"You're right. But where do we go?"

"Up there!"

Fire and I looked towards the ground and saw a…

…Another Embodiment of an element?

It flew up towards us… Light colored with flowing blue hair, I could only guess that it was the Embodiment of Water.

Another one flew towards us. It was grey and shiny. Its hair was spiky and stiff. I tried to remember the other Embodiments and the one I could place with this one was the Embodiment of Metal.

"Water and Metal!" Fire exclaimed. "That means the Tamers of Water and Metal are close by!"

"So are the Tamers of Lightning and Stone," a cool and dignified voice added. It was the Embodiment of Water who spoke.

I looked down from the tree branch and my eyes met clear icy blue ones. I stared. Even though I knew nothing about it, I was positive that the one standing below me was the Tamer of Water.

Since he was looking up at me, his long hair fell back and I got a glimpse of ears. They were pointier than the sorcerers and slightly longer. He possessed no markings on his face but I couldn't see his nails.

This was a faerie? I thought he would be smaller and have iridescent wings. But he was at least my height and I'm not short.

Three others ran towards us, along with two Embodiments.

The one with multi-colored hair that shone in the sun frowned though it did not make her look any less beautiful.

"What is a human doing with the Embodiment of Fire?" she asked in a curious musical voice.

But it was Fire who answered.

"This human, Yaen," he began brightly. "Is my Tamer."

There was a gasp from the three while the Tamer of Water gave me a hateful glare…

I think I'm in trouble.

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