Have you ever believed in love?

Sent a letter to God, up above?

Let it fly freely like a dove?

Have you ever seen this thing?

And you knew instantly it wasn't a fling?

You looked into the eyes and your heart started to sing?

Did you ever think that it would leave?

That it had something up its sleeve?

That the rock was too heavy to heave?

Did you ever make a sacrifice?

'Cause you knew your love wouldn't suffice?

Like it'd never last like the Three Blind Mice?

Did you ever believe in first sight?

And you finally think you've found the light?

And you'd never ever give up the fight?

Hold me, hold me into the night

Can you tell what's real and what's fake

Risk and lose it all for their sake

Help create something that you both would make

Did you ever really want to fall

You were just looking at the mall

But now you aren't so sure you want to lose it all?

Think back to who you want to be

Was it ever gonna be with me?

When you look is this the person that you see?

Do you really think this's just a game?

You'd come back, it'd all just be the same?

That in the end, it's all just so lame

Do you ever think you'll find your soul mate?

You'd look up and it'd be fate

And you'd have the perfect date

And you'd realize now that it'll never be too late

Can you help defeat the dark?

'Cause soon it'll leave a mark.

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