If we could never act again

Would the world still spin?

There'd be no reason to smile again,

Would the devil win?

The stage isin shatters; the props are all ruined,

The show must still go on.

The words go unheard the songs stay unsung,

Where have the actors gone?

Why should we ever act again?

Who'd want to pay that cost?

Would we be able to laugh again?

When we realize what's been lost?

A page torn out, the ending gone,

It was never meant to be known.

He'd've smiled for us; she'd've died for us,

Their secret will never be shown.

Actors will never act again,

Their trade has vanished tonight.

Learn to never enjoy again,

They no longer struggle and fight.

If the world is but a stage,

Without its players it's through.

The lights are set, the candles chime,

And darkness learns its cue.