By:: Grace Maxwell

How can you say you're sorry.
This knot in my chest continues to tighten

You forgot about it you say.
For a month you forgot?

It's hard to say you're sorry.
It's hard to apologize to a friend?
A friend that you know cares for you?

How can you call yourself a friend?
Never looking past that blind you put up.
That shuts out the others around you
Your actions have consequences
When will you learn?
Will you learn when you finally lose those around you?

It hurts you know?
Betrayed in the worst way.
I cared about you.
I was worried for you.
I considered you my friend.

Than you turned and blew up in anger.
Told me that I was wrong.

Was I wrong to care?
Was it I that held the knife?

No, it was you.
Turned your back on us all.
Only to turn and smile when you needed us.
When you had no one else to turn to.

It hurts you know?
This knot in my chest grows bigger.
Tension lines my heart.
The wound is still fresh.

How can you say you're sorry?
How can you act like it's nothing?
Do we mean nothing to you?
Do your friends mean absolutely NOTHING?

Acting nonchalantly
As if it was for knocking a cup of water over.

Too bad that cup held something dear.
That you lost in the spill.
Backstab is the only word
But it seems like you don't really care.

To say you just forgot.
Was it really so meaningless?
Your friends that you turned on?

Am I the one that's wrong?
Or did I play the fool?

A/N:: I couldn't think of a title for this. Just a spur of the moment thing since about a year or so. My friend was with me on my birthday and we were hanging out when this guy comes. She goes with him and when we called she hangs up on us. We called the guy's cell but he gave it to my friend and she blew up in our faces saying it had nothing to do with us. I don't know. Than after about a month has passed she tells me that she's sorry and that she can't tell me face to face. Her reason for saying sorry so late was because she forgot and I felt like I had this HUGE knot in my chest that I couldn't untangle. It really hurts. I couldn't put this feeling in words so I hope this will do. Thanks for taking time to read my poem. ;; And sorry for ranting.

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