she buried her aspirations under the tree in
the backyard as she whispered your name,
scratching at the scars that line her wrists.

you took away everything that she ever
(thought) she wanted in her life when you
remained silent in times when she wanted
nothing more than to hear what you had to
say (if you even had the words to speak).

and these memories of once best friends
are nothing more than acid, burning holes
into her heart (that even clich├ęd duct tape
won't fix). she can't forget the way you
left her to bleed (dry) when she thought the
world of you (and that was before she saw
potential in all that things that aren't you).

but she soaked a towel with blood just
the night before because she's still too
afraid to come face-to-face with the one
that tore her world completely apart and
didn't even seem to take second look back.

she's learned that friends aren't forever
(and dreams could never last a lifetime).