"Remember those days of our dreams? Those days of forever? When the blossoms would fall softly through the breeze, to settle on the walk beneath our feet. When the sun would paint the sky with the colors of our future. Those were the days when I wanted nothing more-"

"When I wanted nothing more than to be with you. Do you remember those days too? Those days that we'd never forget. As we live our lives, lost without our youthful joy, those days sleep there: Slumbering somewhere in the depths of our minds. They were the days when the sun was warm and the stars were bright. They were days when we still had our hope, when we had not given up on this forsaken world. What happened to those-"

"Days of bliss? When I took your hand and led you along through the city streets. When we'd stop for sodas and drink them under a tree in the hot summer rain. I watched your hair fall softly around your shoulders, as the petals did on the walk. I smelled you close to me, the smell of spring with no memory of winter. We gave up on trying to stay dry, so you grabbed my hand and led me out into the rain. You spun around, feeling the drops-"

"Those drops on my skin were the first time I had ever felt the rain. The first time I had ever lived in a land of ocean hues, where the colors are real, tangible things, like you. You felt the rain that day too, you told me later how you lived that day. You told me how it truly felt to be alive, but you didn't have to-"

"When I was with you, I always knew-"

"What it was like to be alive."

"I never go out into the rain anymore, I've grown too old for such silly things. but every time it rains, I see your face in it, dancing and smiling. It is a face that has never aged to me, and a face that never will."

"You're so far away now-"

"And I've stopped being alive. Just as the sun rises with its passion and innocence, so does it set with a tired spirit and a heavy heart. Sometimes I wonder-"

"Do you still love me, no matter how many memories have faded?"

"I have some hope left, that if you are still out there somewhere-"

"That the answer will always be-"