Impulse write 8/3/06 time estimate 2-3 am

Isn't it beautiful

That what we have created

Is a painting of life

The darkness…the light

Is all what we have created

What we have perceived

What we have done

All of this…

Is the darkness

Is the light

Is the painting of life

A painting we made

With sweat


And tears

But it is

Through all our hardships

That we learn new things

Better ways to protect

To love

To live

This is what we have created

This is the painting of life


Our words

They hold power

But sometimes….

The most important words…

Go unheard


Those words are what we need

For they just may be

Able to turn fate around

Yet they are unheard

So lost

So lonely

And then our purpose

Our life

Our reason for existence

Shrivels away

Into dust

The very dust we come from

The very dust we'll return to

And the painting

The creation of life

Shall be lost in time

And time

Shall disappear

And all we know with it

Hear these words

And remember

That those of us unheard

May just be our salvation

And those of us unheard

May just be our painters

Who shall paint us a new world

A new path

A new faith

Those of us unheard

May soon become our last lifeline

And in extinction

They may give us new life

So sometimes we have to look

Right in front of us

To see the truth

The path

That one day will lead to our future

And create our new fate

So try to listen

Try to preserve our already created painting

Lest it be lost

And our lives with it

I know, not my usual poem format, but this one was thought up when making a video of mine. The poem is inside the video. I happen to like it.

Now, I know I haven't put anything up recently but that's because I have no clue what poems are up and what aren't AND I have no inspiration for my stories. I'm sorry.

Hopefully you can forgive me.

Peace and God Bless

Twin Kats