Freedom Fought
by: trista groulx

Is this the freedom,
Fought so valiantly for?
Is as we are today,
The dream of a better world?
When they lived on the line,
Upon foreign soils
Was this how they wished,
Humanity might develop?
Those young men who served,
Thinking only of their country
Is this how they imagined it may look,
When they look at this world?
Does the world now resemble
The better place they dreamed?
Can't help but think,
They may be disgusted
By our lack of compassion,
And our constant wasteful consumption
In what light do they see this new generation,
Who devalue the morals for which they fought?
For now it seems their fight has become,
A blot upon the pages of history texts
Even those who still continue to study,
They never see the human face
Only the former fighters can understand,
The impact of losing his brother in arms
For when there is such a battle,
The price is always very steep
They did help us receive our freedoms,
And many paid with their lives
Now it would seem,
We've forgotten their trials
We even have forgotten the values,
Which must be cherished for our freedom
Still we have our valiantly fought freedom,
With none of the responsibility which is needed
To take care of our neighbours,
And not waste our only Earth
Since their battles and that ultimate fight,
It seems we have lost our path
Until our path is once again found,
We dehumanize those who once fought
And develue our forgotten veterans
For they fought so valiantly,
Yet we don't care to remember
The sacrifices they once made,
For the freedom we now cherish
Is there a way, without their presence,
To preserve the values they allowed us to learn?