She looked at me

with eyes that said,

"Take me to a better place."

So I took her home,

and we danced under the starlit sky.

We sat on the old park bench

and hoped the night would never end.

We layed together beneath the cherry tree,

its petals falling on her chest.

So, lovely,

take over me.

Her eyes penetrated my soul,

and they screamed,

"Please don't leave."

I sealed the promise

with a touch of my lips,

but i meant it

with my whole heart,

so I said,

"I'd die if we had to be apart."

Our lives as intertwined as our fingers,

I knew I'd never leave her.

We knew our love was real,

and as they took her away,

she looked at me

with eyes that screamed,

"I'll never leave."