XANDER - well of reflections.
Blue eyes. I woke up with blue eyes, at four AM, and I didn't fall asleep again. My feet were still damp and the inches of water I had been sleeping in were slowly draining. I'd fallen asleep with it at my waist, and it had sunk down to my heels. The only light was the occasional beam I used on my watch to check the area for rats. I stared at the mirror. Shadows crept up on the wall behind me. Above me was pitch black. For what seemed like miles, the stone walls disappeared into dark, but I couldn't tell. No noise, either. No sounds from up there to tell me I wasn't completely alone.

They told me this would change me. So far all that had changed was my eyes, and maybe my patience. How did they expect me to stay awake until morning, especially when there was a Hell of a lot less water against me? The sun would be up soon. Maybe that would help. But would I change before then? Would anything change at all? I was afraid to know. Changing could mean many things, and I was concerned about 90 of them. Too much could go wrong.

Water dripped down the mirror. Clutching its sides, I opened my eyes a little wider. Some spell. If all it was going to do was change my eye color, I'd rather have paid however much contacts cost. Sleeping in a well wasn't worth anything unless the 'demons' were gone for good. The demons…they started all of this. Or…maybe it was my fault for resorting to these fucking people in the first place. What was I thinking? My first day out of the psych ward, and I go to the freaks for consolation. If I hadn't figured out how to shut out my counselor, they never would've considered me 'better'. How much longer was I going to have to put up with them?

I was getting cold now that the wind above nipped at my back and ran over my spine. My fingertips quivered against the glass. Something was working. Or…they were coming. My eyes wouldn't close. My head wouldn't stop aching. My fists wanted to push through the mirror. What did they tell me to do if this happened? Run like Hell? No. Face it. That's exactly…what they said. Face it. Break it.

So I did. And there they were, right in front of me. I was staring my very reason of corruption in the eyes. All I wished was that I knew how to get rid of them. The freaks hadn't told me anything about them, and they'd even told me it was better that way.

"Payton…" I whispered, though I wasn't even positive he was awake up there, or if he bothered staying.

Their teeth glimmered, they groaned and screeched, and laughed like those that didn't have souls. They pulled me into their eyes, but I pushed away the delirium they suggested towards me. I wouldn't fall for their trap, or the haunting but blissful images they put in my head. Blissful. They had poisoned me into thinking it, but it was disgusting. It was every kind of wrong a person could muster up from within their heart. And they were making me like it. I couldn't keep it in. My eyes just let go. I didn't know if I was moaning as loud as my soul was, or if my body was jerking the way my hands wanted it to. I didn't know if their voices were really projecting the way they shouted blood-curdling sounds in my ears. And I didn't know if Payton could hear me screaming his name. Was I still screaming anyway? Did I want to? Oh Hell, yes, I did. I wanted to scream at him. With him. I wanted to clamber my body against his and rip his flesh and scream and scream and scream. Fuck, I must've been screaming. There was no way in Hell that I wasn't making noise.

Yet suddenly, I couldn't breathe. They were choking me and shoving me against the wall, over and over again. I didn't mind it. I liked it. I fucking hated it. But it made me lose everything in my body. My blood, my breath, my mind, my…everything but my soul.


Author's Note

I would say this is the first story I've written completely on paper, but I'm sure it hasn't…because of Brutal Honesty in The Form of Lies. I'm in Calgary right now, and I suppose this is me making up for going on vacation and having not updated anything in maybe a month. But you'll see that I've been working on my writing when I update hoards of writing all at once. It tends to happen that way, as I pick at every little piece of writing until I'm happy with it or feel I can continue on that certain way. Well…Kaley right now is making us grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast, and threatens that I better be finished submitting this by the time he finishes them…so I better make this short.

If you're confused with this, you should be, and completely have a right to be, because it is, of course, a prologue, and will be explained in the next few updates or so. If you have any questions, though, I'd be glad to reply to them in my next update. This is a positive mess on my part, mainly because I speed-typed it, so I'm sure there are a lot of mistakes…and if you notice any, do tell me. Grammar-wise, spelling, if you see something that doesn't make sense…just let me know, and I'll fix it. I'm sure I'll be going back to edit this when I get home, anyway, so you letting me know will make it a lot easier. And I want to give a lot of thanks to Winterbridge for helping me sort out my grammar with other stories. As long as I can remember the few tricks you've taught me, I should do a lot better on my stories from now on. It might seem little, but I love that you've helped me, so thanks very much, sweetie. Hm…what else? Eep. Kaley is coming up the stairs…he's up the stairs. Staring. Eh, okay, well I'm going to finish this, apparently.

Through this story, you'll notice I'm going to use a few different characters' perspectives, maybe for the same scene…but I'm not going to write specific scenes over in everyone's voice, because that would be pretty ridiculous. So…here it is, it's a short prologue, but I hope you enjoyed it.


Did I make the 'demons' seem…evil/inhuman enough? I really wanted to get that across, along with Xander's character…though it's kind of a bad scene to use as an example, considering he's not himself most of the time.

Since I have to keep this short…Armin Van Buuren's 2006 CDs with 'On the Beach' and 'In The Club', Elliott Smith's Figure 8 album, Kinki Kids, HIM's Dark Light…and possibly more.