There's a boy who told me life is like a bunch of lemons
and that he's happiest when he's depressed.
I told him not to count his chickens until they've crossed the road
and did you know
the earth is really a cube?
I read it in a science magazine my brother gets
(it was the April issue).
And he asked me
what will we do with all the globes? And now all the maps are wrong.
He believed me when I told him gullible isn't in the dictionary.
He told me a spoonful of sugar tastes best
if it's just sugar
I told him it's good with spice, too.
He doesn't like salsa.
I think he missed my train of thought again.
Usually he eats his lunch for breakfast
over the course of three hours
sometimes he mistakes a cup of watercolor water
for lemonade.
You can't judge a book by the clichés it confuses.


A/N: Yes, he really exists. He's in my art classes. Most of the time he's irritating, but he does say the funniest things in his absolute naivety. He's actually very proud and very aware of the fact that he's so naive and gullible. What a strange kid.