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The Unforgettable Sound
Summary: A gay man from Chicago plans to baby-sit his friends little brother, and while doing so, he has sex with his straight Christian cousin and decides it meant nothing. But he finds it's much more meaningful. Slash, M/M.

Short Summary: While babysitting, a gay man has sex with a straight Christian guy. But he realizes he loves him, and wants to have a relationship with him, even though he knows he can't.

Chapter One: Kiss Me Goodbye

"So, Criss, are you doing anything this Friday?

Criss Hanson was 5'11, weighed 142 pounds, and was twenty-four years old. He had short blonde hair and brown eyes. He was pretty, and he knew girls enjoyed his presence. But he wasn't after them…oh, was he ever after something else…

His friend, Donovan Greene was 5'4, weighed 157 pounds, and was 26. Criss knew him from work. He still lived with his parents (and girls absolutely loved him for it) and was often babysitting his little brother, Jonathon. He had his black hair cut in the over popular emo hairstyle, and his eyes were a bright green.

Criss set down his glass. "Well, considering I broke it off with Jarden, no. Why?"

"I have to take out Traci, it's our one year anniversary on Friday…And Jonathon has no one to watch over him…" he took an ice cube from his glass. "Oh, and if you take the "job," Justin may be home a little earlier than he specified. If he is, and he's drunk, stay. But if he's not drunk, you can leave,"

"Alright, I suppose I have no choice…" Criss said. "Mmm…Justin…isn't he the pretty one of your cousins? Why is he at your house?"

"He's staying because his parents are Satanic, and because he turned out Christian, they kicked him out. Said they didn't want a Holy-Lover in their house…So, no, he's not gay,"

Criss sighed. "Uhh…"

The days slowly passed on. Five days of serving people food, dealing with family calls, and Donovan's sex life complaints until finally, it was Friday, and Jonathon had just been put to bed. Criss was watching TV when Justin walked in.

Justin had light brown hair that fell to just below his chin. He was a little taller than Criss, had been the entire time they knew each other, and had blue eyes. He wore glasses, but because they gave him headaches, he didn't wear them often. Justin had been known to go around preaching to anyone who would listen about Christian faith.


"Hi," Justin said, coming in, sitting next to Criss, and leaving his head on his shoulder. "I didn't know you'd be here,"

"Yeah, Donovan asked me, so I did," Criss said after swallowing.

"Huh. So how was your day?"

"Alright, I suppose…"

"Just so long as it wasn't bad. I celebrated my 27th birthday with my friend Bert,"

"Have a good time?"

"Of course, I always have fun with Bert,"

"Oh, right,"

Justin let out a laugh. "So why are you here?"

"Donovan's out with Traci…" Criss said, closing his eyes. So maybe Justin wasn't gay. But at least he didn't mind this…

Suddenly, Justin lifted himself up off the couch. Criss made a noise, but Justin covered his mouth with his hand before whispering 'shh…' and settling his knees on either side of Criss's thighs.


"Shh…" Justin said before kissing him. "I swear to God I'm not drunk…"

Two hours later, Criss and Justin were in Justin's bed, Criss on top of the older man, face in his neck.

"Why did you do that?" he whispered.

"I wanted to know what it was like. That's why,"

"So you used me?"

"Yeah," Justin sighed as Criss sat up. "Look, not like that. I do like you, Criss, really. But I can't be gay because I'm Christian!"

"Oh, so you did it so you'll seem like a better Christian?" Criss stood up and pulled on his pants. "Yeah, alright. Fuck you, Justin, and remind me to never have sex with you again."

There was a gasp at the door and then it slammed shut quickly. Criss sighed, yanked on his shirt and went after the young kid.

He was crying in the corner of his room. "Johnny?" Criss said, knocking on his door. At eleven, you'd think Jonathon would take it better. He didn't.

"You….get away from me!"

"Jonathon, it was nothing. Justin doesn't mean anything to me,"

"That's even worse!" Jonathon cried. 'Fucking him is bad enough but you don't even love him!"


"It was my idea, John," Justin said from the doorway, the tip sheet from his bed wrapped around his waist, making it seem as though his pants were no where to be found. "It's my fault that we had sex. It's my fault that you'll never see him again. So hate me, not Criss,'

Before he had a chance to tell John anything else, Criss was out the door.

I'd be super happy if you told me what you think…just because this was originally going to be two stories, but instead, I combined them together. Saves writing time for me, reading time for you, and updating time for me. And probably a lot of other time. xxoo, TUS.