Ellie ran down the crowded hallway of the upstairs of the house, her hand covering her mouth, muffling the sobs that burst from her tiny frame. She pushed the random people in her way to the side and her golden blond hair flew behind her retreating form. Her silver tiffany bracelet could be heard as the charms rattled against her wrist as she ran.

She hurried down the stairs ignoring the calls of her name from behind her. She stumpled down the fourth and sixth step holding on to the railing with the tightest grip she could manage as she did. Her head was dizzy and she couldn't breathe. Her chest felt heavy and her mind was becoming a whirlwind of fuzziness and confusion.

It was like the rollercoaster that never ended. She felt as if she was going to puke.

The smell of strong liquior and booze filled the air as she passed by the massive amounts of many drunk, and not so many sober, of her classmates. All she kept breathing in was the smell of strong smoke, which she guessed was pot, as it filled her nostrils. Her mind was rushing and she couldn't think straight. Her eyes were tired and blurry, she needed to rest, to think. She wanted to find him. No, she needed to find him, or somebody soon.

Her breathing had become raggid, and her heart felt like it would burst at any moment. Ellie didn't care, the night couldn't get any worse. Her mind kept bringing her back to that moment.

He's touching her. Caressing her. His hands tangled in her long dark hair. Her manicured hands are wrapped around his neck, leaving noticable scratches.They're bright pink, so noticable in the dim light. He did always love the color pink on her. His lips meeting hers in hungry, heated kisses. His fingers brushing over her thighs. Her pleased smile. His lips meet her glossy ones so perfectly. They never even see her there. She bites his neck, and he grunts. She wonders if guilt has even taken over.

Ellie shakes her head clearing the thought, as more tears erupt from her eyes. She needs to find Jason. She searches, meekly pushing people out of her way on the dancefloor.

She catches the eye of a couple of drunken men, who attempt to reach out for her. She runs faster into the crowd her eyes, still teary and red, searching for a familiar face. She passes a couple of her friends dancing, and she spots her best friend in a compromising position with an attractive guy she's never seen before.

She finally finds him dancing with a strawberry blonde, cherry lipglossed, bombshell.

His hands are running down her exposed legs and back up to her hips. He's not even thinking of you. Her pouty lips are swollen as she wraps her arms around his neck tighter as he kisses her neck. I bet she tastes like candy. He loves it. He doesn't even care about you.

Her conscience is screaming and she feels like her legs will collapse, so she rushes to Jason before she loses sight of him in the masses of people. The blonde he's with notices her before he does, and gives her a curious look as she points behind him to look at the teary eyed girl.

When he turns around his enticing green eyes autimatically go from playful to concerned in a matter of seconds.

"What's wrong?" His voice is deep and concerned.

She opens her mouth to speak, but all that escapes her lips is a squeaky gasp. He looks confused, and reaches out to her, but mortified beyond belief she runs away.

He excuses himself from the blonde as she shrugs and wanders off deeper into the dancefloor, wrapping her arms around another good-looking guy, giving a smile through a drunken haze. Jason hurried out the front doors hoping to catch Ellie before she had gotten too far.


It had already began to get late, so the skies were dark and the only lights that shone were the large streetlights that lit up the entire block like christmas lights.

He saw her running down the dark street. He ran faster to keep up but he was pretty far back. His breath was becoming harder and his legs pounded faster against the pavement.

"Ellie! Ellie damnit will you stop?" He screamed out to her as she proceeded to run towards, what he assumed, would be her house.

She turned around abruptly, surprising Jason, who halted in his tracks. When he realized that she wasn't going to run again, he took a couple of quickened steps toward her, where he could see her tear stained cheeks, and the mascara that had run down her face.

She's biting her lip muffling the sobs as she stepped deeper into the room. Maybe he'll see her. Maybe he'll see what he has done. Maybe the guilt will wash over him, if tears break up such an intimate moment. His eyes open for a second, as the dark haired beauty continues to kiss his neck.

He sees her.

"What Jason? I just want to go home, can you please just let me go home?" She said to the highest of her ability at the moment, pain and hurt clearly audible in her voice.

"Ellie you came up to me crying. Sorry if I'm not going to just turn my back and let you be miserable." He told her sarcastically as he stepped closer to her. "What's wrong?"

"Listen Jason I'm fine okay? I was just..", she pondered her thoughts for a second before speaking, "upset because I got lost. Yeah that crowd there was pretty wild huh?"

"El, do you think that I'm stupid? You looked absolutely devastated when you came up to me and you expect me to believe it was because you got lost? Save the lies for someone else because I'm really not buying it, at all."

She gave a nasty glare and turned away from him calling to him over her shoulder. "I don't need your assistance on getting home, I'm fine." He looked at her retreating back in disbelief. He put his hand to his mouth like he was speaking into a megaphone.

"Clearly, your not if you were running home crying El." He yelled after her. She stopped, but didn't turn around.

"Please, just tell me why your crying. Please?" She broke down into sobs and fell against the wall of a brick house that she knew belonged to one of her old neighbors she used to hang around with. She remembered sitting at the very same place, only it used to bring her such happy memories.


He immediately rushed to her side and instantly his arms were around her tiny frame. She had always been a tiny thing.

He remembered himself and her brother always teasing her about her skinny body all through their younger years, but as they grew older, both seventeen, he started to realize how much he loved wrapping his arms around her.

She flinched as he pulled her closer."I don't need your pity Jason! I don't need anything! Why won't you leave?"

He looked down then back up at her. "I'm not going anywhere." He told her seriously. "So you should tell me what's wrong or this is going to be a very long, silent night."

She looked up at his handsome face, alluminated witht the lights from the streetlights above them, then broke into loud sobs again. "He never loved me Jason! He never did! He used me and I was nothing to him!" She admitted to him through the sobs that just kept getting heavier and heavier as she spoke.

His eyes held a look of shock and he distangled himself from the girl as she gave a look of confusion. She turned to see what he was now looking at, but as she did Ellie had already rushed out of the room. He proceeded to try and fix his belt then hurried after her, leaving a brunette in a bed alone her hair cascading her shoulders as she fell back against the sheets and sighed, a grin on her face, placing a tan finger to her lips.

"He was with her, in one of those rooms when I found him. Him and that and that.." She couldn't finish and gripped him tighter as more tears flowed down her face, if possible, and soaked his now very moist white T-shirt.

He didn't care though. The only thoughts on his mind was the crying girl in his arms and the beating he would put on the guy who did this to her.

Sure, he had met her boyfriend. The perfect Brian she had drawn on and on about. I guess he wasn't as perfect as she thought. His mind screamed at him.

"Ellie, El, calm down baby it'll be okay, calm down." He told her patting her back and trying to soothe her, but those weren't the words she needed to hear. Her pain was suddenly anger towards her close friend.

"It will be okay? It's not going to be okay! I love him Jason! Do you know how it feels to love someone and not have them love you back? It's not a good feeling Jason, it's really not!" She screamed, and she finally calmed down a little when Jason became silent.

He stood there for about a minute while her anger died down and she was back to tearing up before he spoke again. He got up from against the wall they were leaning on and he suddenly looked really crushed. His eyes bore into hers as he walked forward until she had to back up as he talked.

"I do Ellie, believe it or not. I know how it feels to want someone and them not feel the same way at all. To have the person you would die for look at someone else they way you look at them. I know how it feels El! I know it's not a good feeling at all! I have to deal with it everyday!" He was angry, so unbelievably angry. How could she tell him that he didn't know how she felt?


She stood there taken back, just gaping at his harsh words. Who could he be talking about? her mind asked over and over again, but her mouth had a mind of it's own.

"No. No, no, no. How can you stand here after my heart was just smashed and stomped on and make me try to become sympathetic towards you? I can't believe that you would have the guts to stand here, and say that you're so angry and hurt, when I'm going through what has to be the worst night of my entire life!"

He ran his fingers through his spikey black hair. Of course she was going to become angry at him. It's how it always had been. She got angry, came crying to him, and they wound up fighting. Too bad she was totally oblivious to what he had just told her.

Ellie was babbling. He had always kind of found it cute when they were arguing and she would start to yell at him and eventually start babbling.

He looked into her eyes. Have they always been that blue? She looks actually really cute when she's mad. His feet started to move towards her angry frame, and he smirked as her arms flailed as she continued to yell.

Her eyebrows rose and she let out a sigh as she realized that he hadn't been listening to anything she had been saying. "Jason are you-", and she stopped short when a pair of grinning lips planted themselves on top of hers.


His lips glided over hers frantically and his tongue grazed her lips until she opened her mouth to let him mingle with hers. Shivers ran down her entire body and she felt as if fireworks were going off somewhere inside of her.

She felt herself tremble and her legs go a little weak. He smiled against her lips, and she bit down on his lower lip as if to say "don't laugh at me". Figures she'll scold me even when I'm makin' out with her.

He ran his fingers through her hair, and pressed his body closer to his as she moaned into his mouth, he ran his fingers over her hips and her eyes shot open.

His fingers grazing over her hips, her thighs. She moans and he smiles down at her with lust in his deep blue eyes.

She pushes him away, breaking the kiss and looking up at him with wide eyes, panting. He looked as shocked as she did as he scratched the back of his neck then ran his fingers through his hair again with nervousness.

They stood there staring at each other for about a minute before she began to walk backwards as she talked. "I um, I-I have to go, so yeah."

She took off down the street with a glance at him from over her shoulder, then turned the corner towards her block. He sighed then put his head in his hands as he sat back against the wall.

"What did I just do?"