Let the water wash away all sin
From my body.
For God only knows,
I am the happiest sinner alive.

To feel as I feel.
To love as I love.
One must realize that to love and feel;
One must hate and be numb.

Numb I was for a time in life.
Cold as the winter wind,
Blowing and howling against the barren trees
Stifling and freezing.

Hate I felt, still feel,
But harbor inside like a demon caged.
Vastly and forevermore
Shall the visage upon me,
Speak otherwise of the turmoil deep.

I love greatly and within passion.
I adore the entwining of my body
With that of the one I love.
Fallen in sin, living in sin
But not regretting my sin.

I will never regret my sin.
For to me it is not a sin,
But an expression of that of
Which I think.
What I think, what I feel
Is to freely love without certificate.

Without binds yet donning my wrists.

But when his circlet clamps upon
My finger,
I will love him and him alone fully,
And freely.
There will be no room for God,
In my love for him.

I only ask that God understand this,
And would not banish me
To the Valley of the Shadows.

For God only knows,
I am the happiest sinner alive.