I am trying to forget you.

thin stemmed wine glasses

Clink, burgundy liquid

slinks against the arc of

a see-through crystal dome.

I am trying to forget you.

a network of red spider webs

criss crosses my eyes

shot through with blood.

Because you keep me up.

All. Damn. Night.

I am trying to forget you.

knocking knees against

the splitting seams of an

old comforter.

I am caught.

smooth spheres

(jade beads) i'm holding

the necklace between

pursed lips

and dreaming of painting

my mouth Christmas Ball Red.

there is a slit

(a Venetian blind style slat)

of slate white light.

I can't remove my stare.

seven a.m. sunlight,

feebly, fights for my attention

& succeeds.

You are melting metal white-hot.

I am trying to forget you.

I want to erase you.

You want me to give up,