Chapter 1

His heart clinched painfully in his chest, a terrible aching pain that left his speechless as well as breathless. The pain subsided for a moment and the only thing he was left with was a hole. A hole he felt was the size of Texas, that poked through the middle of his heart like a knife stabbing him repeatedly. It was the hole she to fill up!

He closed his eyes against each painful memory that came flooding back. When he again caught his breath and reopened his eyes she was gone. Her beauty and grace like the wind that had just swept across his face. At one moment she was there filling him up completely with a new and indescribable love and then just like summer turning into fall she was gone again.

Was it a dream? He asked himself trying hard to keep locked away forever the image of her standing in front of him as he was sure he had just seen.

There was tap on his shoulder in the next moment and he had a reluctance to turn around, afraid oh who might be standing there. Women were always tapping him on the shoulder, just to strike up a flirting conversation, in which he would patient and kind, but never more than a friendly manner was about him when they spoke.

He turned slowly with several moments passing in between, smiling; as he always did he came to face to face once again with his past. Not only was his past staring him in the face, but the past just happened to have the most amazing pair of blue eyes that made his heart do flips inside his chest.

"Bryan," the woman whispered softly. She studied him from head to toe, taking in every feature, every laugh line, and every muscle. She studied him as if he were on display in a museum, making him wish he hadn't skipped shaving when he ran out of his house that morning in a hurry.

He stood silent, his breath seemed to catch in his throat, and refused to come out. Finally taking a very different approach he looked at the woman with uncertainty. "Yes may I help you?"

"Oh," the woman said stepping away. "I must have mistaken you for someone else. I am very sorry to have bothered you." She turned and began to walk away slowly, her brows furrowed in confusion, her hands clinging tight to her purse.

"Excuse me," he said stepping forward and touching her shoulder with his finger tips. "I didn't get your name!" Just as his fingers touched her shoulder she had taken another step and his hand fell away quickly.

"Oh it's silly, Bryan," she whispered softly. "I knew you wouldn't remember me!"

In that moment a new feeling of bravery came over his body and he stepped forward. Her back still to him, he leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "I do remember you Anna!"

The way he said her name, made her whole body shiver with excitement. Just him saying her name, in that soft sultry whisper he had used when he really wanted something, made her toes curl.

"So," he asked pulling away, knowing and seeing the affect he was having on her. "What are you doing back in town? Is your husband around anywhere, I would like to meet the guy who made you his ball and chain." He chuckled slightly as she turned around, but the smile and the laughter dropped when he saw the look on her.

"Well," she said smiling. "You sure haven't changed!"

"How so," he asked putting his hands into his blue jeans, to keep her from seeing how badly he was shaking, even though even that was probably useless.

"You're still using laughter and jokes to cover up fear and nervousness." She smiled up at him, her 5'2 height making her look quite small and innocent compared to him standing at a manly 6'2.

"Oh right," he said chuckling. "And what is it that I supposed to be nervous and fearful about?" His brows furrowed with wrinkles, his dark brown eyes, staring directly into her soul.

"I can see I make you nervous, I always did have that affect on you." She paused and fought back her own flood of memories. "Hmm," she whispered looking away, deciding to change the subject quickly. There was no need in drudging up the past, no matter how great or bad it had been.

"So," she asked with a smile turning her head back to look at him. "Where's the "lucky" lady who ended up with you instead of her own prince charming?"

"Yes well see that's the thing," he stopped and smiled. "I am prince charming, and of course even I can't please every woman in the world, so therefore if they all can't have me then none of them can." He stopped and chuckled again softly.

"Well I guess I can scratch finding prince charming off my list of things to do," she said with a slight chuckle, but then just as she had said those words she regretted them.

An indescribable look of pain came across his face and he stood silent. She had taken her words a step to far and now she was embarrassed. "I am sorry," she whispered, her nose wrinkling, another thing he had always adored about her.

"No it's okay," he whispered. "It was nice running into you, but I am running late so I must go." He shook her hand and then he then turned and began to walk away slowly, but before leaving he turned his head over his shoulder and waved. "Tell your husband I said hi and maybe you and I can talk again sometime."

Anna stood there stunned at what had just happened for several moments until Bryan was no longer in sight. You didn't come here because of him! Just make this trip as short as possible. No one ever has to know you to ran into each other! Just act like he doesn't bother you, act like that he doesn't make your toes curl, act like he doesn't make you wild with lust, act like he doesn't exist. Bryan who?

She smiled to herself and continued staring out the plate glass window of the coffee shop. She turned on one heel and dashed out the door quickly. She had business to take care of, serious business, and what's his name, she suddenly had amnesia, could be put away from her thoughts, forever!