Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The crowd gathered around an anxious engaged couple; all offering up a round of congratulations. Anna could barely make out their chattering as she sat at a back table in the corner.

She sipped quietly on her apple martini watching the crowd disperse onto the dance floor. The music picked up as the band kicked into gear. 'The drummer is cute,' Anna muttered to herself, knowing she would never have the courage to talk to him.

'He would never notice me,' she wined. For some reason she could not explain Bryan's face popped into her mind at that very moment. He on the other hand had noticed her, but it was not nearly in the way she secretly wanted him too.

'What were you thinking,' she asked herself bitterly. 'This was a terrible idea, you could be at home working on next week's presentation, no instead your sitting in the corner sulking and thinking about Bryan.' She groaned outwardly and gulped down what was left of her martini.

"You really would look gorgeous up on that dance floor," Bryan said as he walked up with a smile and a wink.

Brought suddenly out of her own musing Anna looked up at him with a frown. "Hey you," she yelled to waiter walking near her table. "Can I get another one of these?"

The waiter handed her another drink and then disappeared quickly into a crowd of people.

Anna drank quickly, never really caring what it was she was drinking, but enjoying the sting of the alcohol going down her throat. She sat the glass down carefully on the table and continued watching the crowd of people, hoping if she ignored Bryan for long enough he would simply go away.

Bryan watched carefully as she wetted her lips tasting the alcohol once again. Memories took him back to a time when he had indeed tasted the sweetness of her kiss…Those soft lips pressed against…

"So you gonna ask me to dance or what," Anna asked bringing Bryan back to reality with a sudden jolt.

This was not the past, it was the present, he remembered silently. He and Anna were no longer lovers as they once had been. Hell, they weren't even friends anymore; they were in fact enemies, out to destroy each other.

Bryan knew without a doubt she was out to destroy him in form or another. She wanted his money no doubt about it. He wouldn't let that happen no matter what. He had worked to hard and to long for what he had. It was a simple life and modest life with a few extras that he felt like he deserved.

"How many drinks have you had," he asked eyeing her now half empty glass.

Anna took another sip of her martini and laughed. "Two, three, four, ten," she counted. "Ya know," she said with a smile. "I lost count a few minutes ago."

"Well come on lets dance, since I know that's what you really want." He held out his hand and waited for her to respond. Playing with the enemy was dangerous, even he knew that, but the enemy was gorgeous and drunk. How could he not possibly want her? Deep down he knew it was wrong, but revenge is bitter sweet.

They moved quickly to the dance floor; he pulled her in close as to where he could whisper sweet things in her ear.

Anna giggled as his breath fell hot and heavy on her neck. He smelled of aftershave and a deep masculine scent she couldn't quiet recognize.

The two danced for what seemed like eternity; the temperature in the air rising rapidly as their bodies moved closer together with each step. Bryan watched her gorgeous body as she moved around him. He held onto her curves moving quickly to the music.

His pulse quickened, his body ached with desire. He pulled her in close and growled in her ear softly.

"I better go," Anna said pushing away from Bryan's arms. "I am sorry," she whispered. "I shouldn't have come here," she turned with that and ran from the room quickly.

Bryan just watched her run and didn't move an inch.

Anna ran until she hit the cool air of night. The mix of alcohol and being that close to Bryan had her brain racing 90mphs. She needed air, she needed time, and she needed another drink!

Bryan didn't think anymore he just ran after her not stopping until he reached her where she stood outside.

"Why did you run," he asked watching her eyes carefully.

"I needed air," she gasped out of breath.

"Well let's get out of here," he said with a smile. He crushed his lips against hers instantly.

In that moment Anna knew without a doubt she was gone! She pulled away from his kiss. "Let's go," she whispered.

Oh yeah she was gone! She was too caught up in the moment to think, to care, or even consider the consequences. All of that nonsense could wait until tomorrow.